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Experimental Injection Technique

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    Experimental Injection Technique

    So I saw this on YouTube awhile back and figured I would give it a shot this morning.

    1.) I drew Tren Ace and Test Prop with an 18G needle (I usually use 20g) into a 3CC syringe. 60mg Tren. 30mg Test. (.9ml total)

    2.) I took a 1ml insulin syringe and pulled the plunger out of the back of it, separating it from the syringe.

    3.) I inserted the 18g needle into the back (now open) of the insulin syringe and emptied the Tren and Test into the syringe.

    4.) Being sure to keep the open end of the insulin syringe upwards, I carefully inserted the plunger back into the syringe.

    This is where I found some difficulty.

    The pressure from re-inserting the plunger could force some of your gear out of the needle. This is caused by the air bubble forming on the plunger end rather than the needle end (you're holding it upward). Once I had the plunger secured, I turned it needle side up and the air bubble shifted to the needle end. But at that point I had found that I lost about .1ml of gear. Not the end of the world obviously, but I think I can fix the problem. Tomorrow I will try to re-insert the plunger while holding the syringe at more of an angle so the air bubble is elongated and pressure is decreased. I will report back after tomorrow's pin on my findings.

    I used a slin pin over the summer for a couple deltoid injections, but found that drawing gear with one takes roughly a decade. Using a slin pin for certain injections allows you to avoid the pin cushion effect daily injections provides.

    This isn't for everyone. Obviously 1ml is the maximum load for this technique, for starters. Due to the size of the needle, it's not practical to pin something like glutes or quads with it unless you're extremely low bodyfat. Those with higher levels of BF (>20%) will probably not be able to get the needle deep into the muscle of say, delts or triceps, let alone any bigger groups. (If you're 25% BF, steroids probably aren't for you, but that's a different post.)

    Another benefit to this technique is for virgin muscle groups. The trauma of intramuscular injections will cause enough pain just from the introduction of carrier oil into the muscle. But the needle, even a 25g, will also cause trauma. To mitigate this, a slin needle seems to be a good alternative, given the needle reaches deeply enough into the muscle.

    For those of us using shorter esters and pinning daily or multiple times a day, introducing new injection sites will go a long way in assisting the quality of the cycle. It makes sense to me than pinning a shorter ester into, say, the biceps, will allow the gear to be assimilated faster than, say, the glutes. I credit the overall movement of the bicep in comparison to the glutes for this. You use your arms all day long and in 5 days a week at the gym, whereas the size of your glutes and their comparative inaction doesn't "work" the oil "through the muscle." This is all in theory of course and classifiable as BroScience, but it does seem to be working for me.

    I will report back to this thread after mastering the technique I described above. Thank you.


    You're always contributing here & I am glad you're here my friend!!! Thanks bro



      I've done something along these lines once or twice. It was quite tricky getting the air to switch places with the oil. I had to insert the plunger with the barrel at an angle, and as i put the plunger into the barrel, i had to slowly tip the barrel as though to empty the contents (pin pointing upwards). Its a delicate task, and i certainly wouldn't want to do it daily that's for sure.

      I pin delts with a 25g, slides in pretty smoothly.  But i did use a 29g slin the first time, and it did take a decade to pull .5ml! 



        A decade. Easy. Maybe 15 years.

        It's tricky, but I like to have things like this up my sleeve.



          Yeah, never know when you might have to use it. But, if you do, you'll know what to do. I had to do that back loading technique when i thought i may have blunted the pin putting the cap back on. It sucks pushing a blunt pin into a muscle, weird sensation plus pain. It was my last 25g, but i had a pack of slins. Gotta do whatchya gotta do...



            Mister A - Good read, very thorough with the details. I seen this technique you speak of on youtube as well, we're probably talking about the same vid  

            So lately, iv been using TNE pre-workout. For some reason i dont draw it up with the rest of the gear (currrently im on Primo & Test & Deca cycle), so i do the regular 27g 5/8" for the gear into glutes or shoulders, then i go get a 30g 1/2" slin pin, and i DRAW the tne with it and then inject it IM usually in quads which is a pain in the fucking ass (but thats a diff story). I guess it works well for me cause i only draw 0.3cc = 30mg TNE which is the 3rd major line on the slin pin. Takes < 1 min to draw straight with the 30g 1/2" slin. Never tried the approach you mentioned where i would pull the plunger out of syringe, im v concerned about contamination due to contact with air. Maybe im being paranoid?



              Big Sam, I'm sure you have a legitimate point with fear of contamination. I think there are degrees of sterilization. And the risk is commensurate with each degree. I'd call it on the lower end of the spectrum. Along with prepping my gear on my kitchen counter.

              I tried it this morning and I got it loaded into the slin pin with no issue, but then my plunger wouldn't go down despite my best efforts. I didn't want to push too hard and break the syringe with the needle in my arm. I'm still not sure what happened exactly, but in the end it was a waste of gear and I had to start all over. I'll go back to the drawing board with this one.

              Btw, good to hear from you, Sam. Was thinking about you the other day.



                i enjoy reading your posts brother. Always thinking outside the box.

                I dont have a problem pushing the gear in using the 30g slin bro. I believe the TNE im using is suspended MCT oil. You might want to check the suspension oil, if its not MCT, it could be other thicker oils which would be almost impossible to push the oil in or out. I remember Watson Test cyp (perscrition) , i tried to pull it out with a 29g 5/16th slin pin, and the fucker will not draw ANYTHING for minutes of trying. Its cause the Watson is not suspended in MCT oil.

                Dont give up on this, just make sure the oil suspension is thin so things flow in & out of the slin pin with ease



                  shit with your knowledge A, you can cook up your own gear exactly how you want it bro lol



                    My main concern would be contamination as well. An abcess is not pretty. 



                      I don't think I have anywhere near the knowledge necessary to start down that route. I leave that to the guys who actually went to school.

                      It's not the oil because I've Pinned multiple vials through the slin pin before. Plunger malfunction sounds about right. I will try to develop a way to get the smaller syringes loaded with gear while minimizing contamination risk. Drawing board.



                        The 1ml pins I use are 30g 1/2 inch. The barrel fits inside the pin. I can remove the pin, and put it in a larger pin. Yours don't do that?



                          Knowing you,  you've probably either done it, or considered it. That is warming the oil before drawing it. That may help things along...



                            Dolf, abcesses are a bitch. i just a few 3 on my legs and 1 HUGE 1 on my lower midsection. Wont disclose the product since i havent talked to the source about this yet, but they were Tennis ball (not golf ball) size, read, very hot , darker center, ITCHY as fucking hell. 



                              I know guys that buy and keep antibiotics on hand just for abcesses.