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Injection speed question

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    Injection speed question

    so I am a nurse and during all IM and sub q injections I have always (and was taught that) gone fast to avoid the patient feeling any pain, unless it is a large amount of medication (penicillin for example) but have noticed everyone recommends going slowly for gear. I haven’t started my first cycle yet but will soon and want to have the basics down, so my question is does the speed of the injection matter very much? I’m assuming the carrier oils must be thick, and that’s the reason for hearing this, but it’s also only around a ML for each injection (if you’re running a normal dose of one compound like test for instance). If you’re doing just a ML per injection will you still get PIP from injecting quickly? I also don’t want to risk any medication leaking as well. I have access to all syringe sizes and needle gauges including insulin syringes so any kind of suggestions specific to sizes would be appreciated as well 


    Pip has more to do with the ester attached to the active hormone, and the solvents and amount of which was used. For example, some are painfully allergic to ethyl oleate, a solvent used in many preparations, and some are sensitive to the propionate and acetate esters. Some carrier oils are thicker than others, cottonseed oil is thicker than MCT oil. The thickness of the oil and the guage of the needle dictate injection speed. I personally inject at a slower speed in the quads, but the oil seems to move quicker in the glutes. I pin a full inch and rarely get any truly measureable amount of leakage. I also push the pin in slowly in case i hit a nerve. Im not into jabbing quickly. Call me a wimp, but its whats comfortable for me

    Couple more things: high milligram gear brewed at id say 400mg and up, and for some, sustanon, usually at high mg cause pip as well. Poor injection technique is also a culprit. First few times in a muscle that has not been injected previously may kick and scream too.


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      Also poor injection technique can lead to pip. Virgin muscle is another cause. Poorly brewed gear and or impurities in the gear.


    Roger thanks for The reply



      No problem



        The only time I inject slower than other times is with TREN.

        For some reason it helps to avoid the dreaded TREN cough that some people get.



          I don't think the speed matters as much as the fact you are being more careful with Tren.  Tren couch is supposedly caused by direct flow into the blood stream due to a 'nick'.  Being careful is probably helping BUT maybe slow keeps it from hitting your blood stream as well so good luck.

          As to speed, I try to go slow but it doesn't matter. I always experience PIP. Sometimes sever!  I have one brand that doesn't give me PIP but it's pharmacy Test and hard as heck to get!  High does gear truly gets me! can't do high dose Sustenon into my thigh or I can't walk for 3-4 days.    HOWEVER Blast did convince me to go for Pectoral and Delt and those have very low PIP for me regardless!  Still, I have yet to try to inject more than 1ml into either area.


          HEY BLAST: What is the max safe ML volume???



            I never go a over 2ml in the thigh or hip and 1ml in the shoulders (I never bother with pec, tri or lat anymore) but medically speaking, injections of 4ml in meaty areas like thighs and hips and 2ml in the shoulders is considered the max per injection.



              +2 Razor. Thanks -



                Most ive pinned is 3.5ml, glutes and quads no problen, gotta get in there all deep like



                  So what do you find is best on a big cycle?  Fewer shots but large amounts OR more shots and less fluid.

                  Example: Twice a week with 3ml or Three times a week of 2ml?  Which is less PIP?


                    Originally posted by BobbyO190 View Post
                    <p>So what do you find is best on a big cycle?&nbsp; Fewer shots but large amounts OR more shots and less fluid.</p><p>Example: Twice a week with 3ml or Three times a week of 2ml?&nbsp; Which is less PIP?</p>
                    In my experience, no matter the ester, more frequent injections maintain more stable blood serum levels (less peak/valley). I am not PIP sensitive so I am not sure what would cause more trauma to induce PIP between the two that you mentioned. Localized I would imagine more volume per injection would increase PIP risk vs. dividing less volume with more frequent injections across different injection sites.
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                      Correct Semper..slow and steady wins the race...all about stability..and keeping your blood stable. I fully agree with the different injection sites also...a nice slow and steady injection in different spots throughout the week is the real deal. Just stay patient and focused and the gains start a coming!!!