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Cleaning The Liver

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    I got more curious as well and this is what I found concerning fatty liver (alcohol and non-alcohol related)-

    If your GGT is above 100, and your ALT is less than 80 and your ALP is above 200 or if your GGT is above 100, and your ALT is above 80 and your ALP is less than 200 could indicate fatty liver disease. This does support your findings concerning ALT.

    The following tests are generally recommended-

    • If the liver enzymes are only slightly elevated and there are no physical signs of liver disease, blood tests for liver function can be done every 6 months. If the liver function does not deteriorate and the patient remains well there is no need for liver biopsy. The liver function blood test should continue to be checked every 6 months.
    •  An ultrasound scan of the liver should probably be done every year.

    If the liver continues to deteriorate a liver biopsy is recommended.

    I use Tudca and NAC on a regular basis (TRT and on cycle) for my personal liver protection. More cowbell does provide me with some mental protection but actual physical manifestations are still undetermined.




      fat intake or the impact of oral steroids on the liver. Diet and reasonable dosages are still critical. 

      OK, so I have been doing a bit of poking around. ALT (also called SGPT) is the enzyme that is most closely related to fatty liver. Also, dietary fat is a cause of fatty liver. The bodybuilding community and medical community have learned that the low fat dietary obsessions  of decades past were misguided. Fat is not the enemy we thought it was and a healthy diet should have 30% of calories from fat, as long as the bulk of those calories were healthy fats. I know of some people who go 50% fat and low carbs. I also know people who eat a high level of "unhealthy" fat. I myself eat a lot of red meat and other unhealthy fat, as my cholesterol is low (triglycerides are a touch on the high side) and I am a high intensity cardio freak.

      What does all this mean? I may want to think about backing off my fat intake a bit. That is after I eat the lb of new York steak I am about to cook, lol. Also, I must limit my oral steroid intake.

      So, back to the OP's original post: Here is how all this breaks down. Diet, particularly fats and carbohydrates have a crucial impact upon the liver. This fact is especially critical for those of us who like to take orals. Furthermore, liver support WILL NOT MAKE UP FOR DIET AND ORAL USE. I wish it would, but it won't. Yes, there is emerging evidence in the medical community that liver support does actually help, but not enough to ignore the role of diet and the impact of 17 aa oral steroids.




        Originally posted by SemperFi

        I got more curious as well...

        I use Tudca and NAC on a regular basis (TRT and on cycle) for my personal liver protection. More cowbell does provide me with some mental protection but actual physical manifestations are still undetermined.

        SEMPER FI

        Your gonna want that Cow Bell!!




          Do not forget how family history can effect each individual on this subject. Be safe and stay healthy.

          SEMPER FI



            Jar guess who?



              Ha ha Like your name dude...







                  Turmeric helps regenerate liver cells and cleanse it of toxins.

                  It also has other benefits:

                  • supports a healthy inflammatory response, both every day and after a workout;
                  • maintains healthy levels of triglycerides (a type of lipid) in the blood;
                  • supports normal bile production in the liver;
                  • naturally stimulates the liver, as a bitter herb;
                  • supports digestion of fats by promoting healthy function of the gallbladder, whose enzymes are essential for breaking down that macronutrient;
                  • supports a healthy response to occasional pain;
                  • supports the production of proteins that naturally regulate immune cells;
                  • helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within normal ranges;
                  • supports the body’s natural detoxification pathways;
                  • promotes healthy cardiovascular function;
                  • helps support healthy neurological function;


                    This thread is important. Can't say it enough. Protect your liver. Great read.


                      Originally posted by Mikeyz206 View Post
                      This thread is important. Can't say it enough. Protect your liver. Great read.
                      Dont do fucking dumbs ass Orals like taking Dbol for 12 weeks or just had to say it.. and the dumbass on cycle doing orals and still that's all just wanted a laugh..

                      But yes protect that baby!!!


                        I love dbol. Didnt know how bad they are. I'm just laying off them and Orals and cleaning up that liver. I had some bad numbers and they are coming down. I was just using milk thistle and liv 52. I am now going to start using choline/instinol,l methionine and tudca. I see a lot of people drink and do gear. Just stupid in my mind.


                          Here are the best liver protection supplements I know about:

                          -NAC (a precursor to glutathione, which is your body's main antioxidant). They use this for Tylenol( Paracetamol) overdoses in the hospitals.
                          -Acetylcholine- A phospholipid which will help protect cells, especially liver cells from damage.
                          -Alpha-lipoic acid: ALA is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, protects cells from damage, and helps regenerate vitamins C and E. It’s one of the most powerful liver nutrients available. Best if you can find the " R " form. R-ALA
                          -Siliphos Milk Thistle Phytosome: This is like milk thistle, but has much higher availability.
                          -Tumeric/ Tumeric Extract: don't take too much, less might be more. Supposed to help as an antioxidant and can protect the liver.

                          There are many other things which may be helpful, but do your research or ask me if you would like to know. Things like SAMe, artichoke extract, cordyceps, Choline,
                          L-cystine is useful, L-methionine

                          Please do not just take all these at once(don't stack them all), and think it's a good idea. These are just some things to look into, or you might have not known about.


                            I take tumeric curcumin daily.

                            Milk thistle is also good for liver health, many say.

                            Choline & Okkowatt is said to be good for fatty liver.

                            But my liver panel is excellent. Just need it to handle the cholesterol/LDL better.
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                              Properly cycling on and off gear is key. While on cycle especially towards the end your ldl will rise. It's a side of gear. As long as it goes back to normal while off cycle your good. Also raising your hdl will help counter ldl`s effects. Taking double or triple doses of fish or krill oil will help with hdl and is also good for your joints.