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Test Cycle at 18 before university

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    Test Cycle at 18 before university

    Just turned 18 two weeks ago, and go to university in 6 months or so. Firstly, am I likely to fuck up my test production doing a 400/500mg a week cycle, presuming I do everything properly use a PCT etc. Also, Im looking to work as an investment banker in 3 years, which would have me working 85 hour work weeks, 14 hour days etc. Obviously I wouldn't cycle anymore, but would I possible suffer from brain fog etc, and other things that might limit my capacity to succeed in an intense work environment which needs me to be sharp?

    Would really appreciate any feedback here.

    EDIT: Also, would anyone here recommend I did SARMS instead of a test only cycle? My understanding is the research on SARM's is very limited, and for all we know it could have dire consequences on the body in 10, 15 years down the line. As well as this their results seem to be underwhelming compared to the lean gains that can be made on a test cycle.

    Hello young, welcome to the forum. I hope that you would find the information needed here.

    The fact that you’re 18 years old is good, yet the use of anabolic steroids isn’t a very good idea if you are not 21 (and in perfect scenario – over 25). That’s why, I would recommend waiting at least 3 years more, but if you still want to do it, then start it wisely.

    Don’t go over 400-500 mg per week. In fact, you could start at 300 mg weekly for the first 4 weeks and in case everything goes alright, you could increase to 400-500 mg weekly for 4 weeks more (total cycle length 8 weeks). PCT is indeed very important for you.

    Second thing I need to mention – the fact that you won’t be working out in the future, why would you need to use AAS now? Also, do you workout and diet seriously? If you don’t – do not use testosterone because you won’t be getting the results you expect.
    I really hope this information is somehow going to help.

    As in terms of SARMs, I know many people suggesting they are safer than steroids, yet not sure how true is this claim. They are not as powerful, yet not as dangerous. Anyway, 400-500 mg weekly of Test (esp. 300 mg) is a dosage that most men tolerate well – but then again, assuming you have a proper lifestyle (diet and training) and over 21 years old.

    I wish you good luck in whatever you decide to do.


      Hello, thanks a lot for your reply, its really nice to converse with someone about this and get the info I need. Ive also heard 25 is the ideal age to start, but I will be likely working 14 hour days starting from 21, so im in a sort of "now or never" kind of situation. Also, would it be possible to check my gear every time it arrives, with a test or something. As I'm worried about getting something not exactly what I ordered, ie mixed with other compounds to try mimic testosterone results.

      Lastly, how should I go about consulting my doctor? Should I talk to them about it before I start to make sure I don't have anything that might pose health risks, and would they tell my parents?

      In regards to your questions. The reason I want to cycle even though I won't train whilst working (as I literally wouldn't have the Time) is for a few reasons. One, I believe Aristotle said something along the lines of "its a terrible shame for a man to grow old without seeing what his body is capable of", and also once I get older and perhaps have to work less hours as I get more senior I will be able to train again. I should of built some strong muscle memory to help be make quicker gains, and would also go on TRT if my doctor supported the decision
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        first of all, if you do start running it aas now, but then you won't be working out - the results won't be maintained for that long without proper lifestyle.
        in terms of getting your gear tested - all you can do is take it to an independent laboratory test. You would need to spend money for it but that's something I wouldn't recommend as long as you buy your gear from top rated sources here. I personally used some of those sources for getting many types of AAS and each time with great success. I do have trust in them offering actual compounds, offering everything as written on the bottle. This means that if you get test, you get actual test with the actual amount in terms of ML and mg/ ML.

        I would recommend - yes. talk to a doctor first because this way you are going to know that you are not going to have your health put at risk. But you need to realize that the doctor would recommend you to stay away from AAS, and taken in consideration that you're afraid of him telling to your parents - would recommend the same.

        there's no purpose of cycling with AAS without working out and dieting. please don't use it, otherwise you put your health at risk for no avail and without growing. please re-think about the use of AAS, especially without working out, at least, until you become older. If you do use it, because I can't stop you from running it if you really want it - make sure to use it properly and to DO workout and diet properly. muscle memory is built when you train, with or without AAS. AAS are added when you need more results that you have reached naturally. That's why steroids are taken by those who workout and diet for at least some months.

        in terms of TRT - you doctor won't be supporting your decision as long as your Test levels are fine. Taken in consideration that you're 18, is unlikely to have low testosterone levels.


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          Hi, sorry I didn't say what I meant to at all. So im 18 now. I want to cycle test, train and eat perfect to maximise my gains for the next 3 years. Once I hit 21 I will stop training AND stop cycling. And maybe once im like 40 I would start TRT.

          If I was cycling im going to be eating perfectly and training 5 days a week.

        Hi, sorry I didn't say what I meant to at all. So im 18 now. I want to cycle test, train and eat perfect to maximise my gains for the next 3 years. Once I hit 21 I will stop training AND stop cycling. And maybe once im like 40 I would start TRT.

        If I was cycling im going to be eating perfectly and training 5 days a week.


          again, until 21 is not recommended.

          If you still cycle test, then start at a lower dosage which would be 300-500 mg weekly. Increase gradually only if you can tolerate the lower dosage and you feel you need more. perfectly training and eating is essential. PCT after cycle is required too.

          TRT is only required if you have low test levels. Assuming you eat and train properly - you are unlikely to need Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

          If you do cycle, try to do everything as correct as possible. I would recommend against, but if you do decide to cycle, I will try to guide you whenever you need to make it all safe. Good luck theyoungone with your plans!