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Ameen Alai pill protocol

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    Ameen Alai pill protocol

    Ok, so for those who havent heard of this gentleman hes very much been a behind the scenes type "guru" aka " The Mad Scientist" in the bodybuilding industry. He's very knowledgable & worked with Craig Titus, King Kamali, Don Long, Tony Freeman, and dozens of other guys whom you would recognize from that era. As it turns out, Ameen is one the main source's of bringing pharmaceutical HGH to the bodybuilding market in the early 90's and experimenting until he figured out how to best utilize it and what to utilize it best with.
    In the last 30 years or so.. Im not 100% sure what his main income was, but I know he does still take on clients but likely more super high end celebrity type clients which pay absurdly well. In the past, Dr. Tony Hughes from enhanced athlete has brought Ameen onto their payroll and inturn allowed him full reign at providing a lot of this secretive info that was ordinarily only available to super high paying customers...and now you can easily access it on Youtube!

    One of his videos which was taken down by youtube months ago...outlined his specific protocol in how he likes to run orals. Which Ive outlined below more or less...

    He recommends the following:

    -Keep your test at a low-moderate level 200-500mg/wk. Id probably do 300mg which works out to be 1.5mL/week if using Pharma grade Test Cyp!

    - Take one or two secondary compounds which youll run at moderate-high dosages to get added growth from. Swap these around every cycle. 500-600mg/wk NPP, 400-500mg Primo, or 5/600mg/wk EQ!

    Now....for orals he recommends using one wet gainer compound like Anadrol or Dbol. And pair it with a second oral compound with the type of characteristics you would want. He recommends for
    best all around results pairing it with a compound with complete opposite characteristics like winstrol, primobolan acetate, anavar, etc. But if you were more concerned with gaining tissue then you could use a second compound of something like Turinabol, Superdrol, M1t, etc. I would choose Dbol paired with Anavar.

    He has two ways to run these orals....both of which give the same basic idea.

    #1- Dbol/Anadrol for two days, Anavar for two days, Dbol/Anadrol for two days....then OFF for one day. And back to anavar for two days etc.

    #2- Dbol/Anadrol on Mon-Wed-Friday and Anavar on Tues-Thurs-Sat with Sunday being off.

    I'd likely choose #2💪

    So his thinking behind this is that you have enough of the drug in your system to get the majority of the gains from it...but not nearly enough of the drug in your system to get the long term side effects. In particular the hematocrit rising sky high, your liver values being spiked, and extreme high blood pressure which are the main reasons why people stop their orals or cut them short.
    I think he estimated that you would get 80% of the gains and 50% of the side effects compared to if you were to take a daily dose of both and completely let it saturate in your system.

    Of course sunday is an extra day with nothing being taken so your body can rest and attempt to reset receptors on a small scale.

    Remember he's done this with hundreds of clients for decades and this is how he recommends running orals.
    He claims that although everyone will absorb things differently, most people could run this Dbol/anadrol and anavar combination more frequently with less health issues. And the 3.5 days off each compound per week is enough time to allow your body to stay some what fresh receptor wise with each of the two compounds and keep making more and more tissues gains indefinitely.
    His dosage recommendations were Dbol 25/30mg or 50mg Anadrol combined with 40-60mg of anavar. Doing this won't raise enzyme levels as high due to the Anavar being less toxic.

    What are your thoughts on this method of running orals?? I'm extremely curious what you guys have to say...I'm eager to try this out.

    Here are some links:

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