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Starting my new cycle

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    Starting my new cycle

    Alright guys I have been off cycle for little over 2 months and about to start monday. I'm at 6" and 195 looking to get just a little over 200 or 220ish and then cut next cycle. I'm going to be using test cyp, nan ph100, 25 mg Dbol. I will be cleaning up my eating (love sugar to much) and go for a 8-10 week cycle. throwing in the dbol on the last 5 weeks. Any tips or suggestions to help would be appreciated. I'm just looking to nice gains and to do it as properly as I can. Threw in my before picture and will update pictures as I continue.

    Good thing you posted here! Some of those other blogs/forums only have soo called elite bodies or a bunch of shit talkers and they would have gave you shit!

    Not everybody looks like Adonis already, but is looking to get there. I assume you want to get to your best ability & Genetics! Basically get in shape as fast as you can.

    First & foremost,

    Hit that cardio, cardio, cardio! You have to kick start that metabolism & eat xtra xtra clean as you can! No more sugar. I would do 30 minutes stair master daily before you train at 130 pulse & a few times a week do the treadmill reg walk 90 seconds then run for 30 seconds 8 rounds! A late night jog once a week wouldn't hurt too. Once you get your metabolism more reved up you can cut back a little, but right you need to get it REVED UP!

    Second, Train hardAF

    I recommend you do super sets & quick training 45 seconds between sets to burn more fat. More compund movements & only machines when you really have to. Stick to basics mostly. Don't bring your phone into the gym or BS with others. You don't have that time or luxury. You have to get serious & focused! Laser focus with a vision of how you want to look in 10 weeks!

    Focus mostly on the 2 top things & sometimes train twice in a day. Fuck it!
    I like going to the gym on Friday nights!
    Nobody is there & you save money from going out! If you do devide to do the gear in small is just to help you recover from the animal workouts you are about to do because you can't walk from killing yourself! Forget training like everybody & looking like them too. If your gonna take the time to do it. Do it right! Hard work makes the difference not gear. You'll get there, but you have to push your body to the limit. It adapts to reg stimuli; soo get used to punishing it! If not you'll look like everybody else who goes to the gym for a year & looks exactly the same.

    💪Hope that helps💪
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      I think will be better if you add test E to your cycle instead of test C buy in
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