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First Deca/Test E Cycle real time with data

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    First Deca/Test E Cycle real time with data

    Hey everybody,
    This post is to provide information and gain information. I am a 40y/o male, 5"8" and 178# (COVID did a number on me)

    Skeletal Muscle Mass: 86#
    Body Fat 15.8% (I was 10% bf COVID)

    Total Testosterone 360 (I know this is low, I did it on purpose)

    My current cycle:
    200mg deca and 200mg Testosterone E taken twice weekly (M, Th)
    0.5mg Arimidex twice weekly (W, Sa)
    250IU HCG twice weekly (M, Th) after second week

    I am on my 3rd injection starting the second week. After 5 weeks, I plan on labs including total test, estrogen, and prolactin. If labs look good, will increase to 500mg deca and 500mg test for the duration of cycle. Debating adding proviron 25mg/day vs anavar 40mg/day for the last 4 weeks. Total cycle will be 10 weeks.

    PCT will start 2 weeks after last injection with 25mg clomid daily for one month. Will resume HRT. Main goal is to avoid negative effects, as I have test prescription.

    I will update this post as I gain experience. All gear was sourced from a single supplier on this website so the labs will give some concrete data. I am absolutely welcome to any suggestions or questions.

    Starting third week and I am beginning to notice increased muscle mass. I assume this is the Testosterone E more than the Deca this early on. I am also starting to HCG 250IU twice weekly, upping the Arimidex to 1mg twice a week, and adding 50mg/day Anavar.
    I will take labs in a couple of weeks to check test, estrogen, and prolactin levels. I believe the Deca is absolutely legitimate because my shoulder arthritis/tendonitis is all but gone after second injection.


      InBody scan Update

      Weight: 184.1lbs
      SMM: 90.4 lbs
      PBF: 15.3

      Roughly one month into cycle and scan showing 4.4 lb increase in muscle mass with a 0.5% decrease in body fat percentage.