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Dosing protocol for Nandrolone???

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    Just my opinion and what works great for me. I love test p 100 and npp 100 eod and when I cycle 50mg of dbol in there I feel like I'm on top of the world. Best of luck Brothers, love hearing what works for you, be safe!


      Originally posted by AnabolicTitan View Post
      I'll go against the grain and disagree with the common consensus that higher test = better.
      I prefer low test cycles, I've run high test, high nandrolones/tren/etc and it's always resulted in a shit load of sides. Once I started running low test cycles, side effects have been virtually eliminated. Even with tren, no more night sweats, insomnia, progesterone and estrogen flare ups, etc.
      Generally I'll run my test/working compound at 250/600-800. test is just the base, no one needs a 10ft foundation for a 2 story house. I've run as low as 125/800 with amazing results and no side effects.
      This is just my personal experience and opinion, the truth is, our bodies all respond similar to these compounds but ultimately different. Experiment a bit and make your decision based on how you feel. The reason you read conflicting reports is because 1. Either people haven't tried both ways or 2. They tried both ways and one way works better for them than the other.
      Keep an open mind,

      This link reviels why don't get sides using your protocal! It's even better if you do just Masteron & Deca!
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        I ran it equal with test on my one run so far, 300/300. I also ran it with 600mg of primo, my God did my libido go crazy. I should have monitored estrogen better as I got really emotional towards the end of the cycle but it was a good run




          Here is a nice scientific paper on the subject!
          Use science not bro science