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Steroids in heat

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    Steroids in heat

    Not new to steroids, but never had this happen before and I’m looking for some sound advice based on some knowledge of the situation.

    I had a couple bottles each of pharma grade sustanon and tren acetate. I had them hid under my car seat and forgot about them (long story why). That was back in spring but come mid fall, I was cleaning out my Jeep and found them.

    1. Are they okay to use still? Liquid is clear with no sediment deposits and I’ve been told that the chemicals are brought to much higher temps to create the compounds then what is reached in a car in the sun, but they were there for months.
    2. What possible issues could arise from using them?

    your fine dude, i heat my bottle every time i pin,,, it makes it thinner so that i can draw it up in the syringe and it goes in much easier... i put it in a pan of water about 1/4 the way up the bottle and heat it up... sometimes even to a boil... and my shit works great! If it is good product then it will be fine...Ideally you want to store in a dark cool place because it will break down if in heat for too longthe half life will shorten, I hope this helps-!
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