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Estrogen protocols

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    Estrogen protocols

    What’s everyone’s estrogen protocols, what has worked and hasn’t worked for everyone? Do you feel Arimidex or any other anc. Is needed on an everyday/eod basis, and if so why?

    hey there Blue, indeed Arimidex is required on an daily basis (or at least every other day) because that's the only way you could avoid the high and lows of estrogen. If not using it daily, you might get a spike in estrogen and that may be the response why you could feel moody one day, and feel great the other.
    Remember there's also Aromasin except for Arimidex that is a good option too. Which one works better depends on your body response, you could try them both (one during a cycle and the other during another one) to see which is better. There's also Letrozole that I personally wouldn't recommend. There are bros using it and having success, but for me personally Letro was too strong.

    I for one do stick with Arimidex on an every other day basis.
    I can't really give you an exact answer to your question as what actually works because it highly depends on your cycle type and your personal response to each anti estrogen medication. For example, if you run Dianabol 10 mg with 250 mg weekly of Test Cyp you definitely won't need as much estrogen protection as when you're going through 500 mg of Testosterone weekly with 40 mg a day of Dbol.
    your best bet with Arimidex is to start at 0.5 mg every other day. Increase if and as needed. Provide more info, maybe will be able to help more
    Hopefully my 2 cents will help