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Gear dosages

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    Gear dosages

    Hi everyone,
    I just started my 1st 8week cycle of anavar and test cyp. I’m trying to find the best dosage for putting on muscle in the 8 weeks for both... I’ve been taking 20mg of var and 1cc of test injected twice a week(split dose). Is this too much? I want to put on more muscle and cut a little body fat in this time without too many bad side effects(I know the risks).
    34 yo female.

    Hello there and welcome to MG forum.

    Initially I thought you’re a man and my answer would have been completely different. But taken in consideration you’re a woman – the first thing I should say that I do not recommend test cyp to women at all. you said you know the risks and I can assume that you know testosterone is capable to cause virilization side effects.
    Have you ever used test in the past? if you haven’t, check the virilizing side effects. The risks are that you might be starting to be turn into a man. It makes you feel, look, think and behave like a man. There are different virilizing side effects which can be nasty for a woman (google them).

    The reason why I don’t recommend test cyp at all is because this is one of the longest form of testosterone. It stays in your system for as long as 3 weeks or longer. That’s why, in case you get virilizing side effects – you want to get off it (or at least reduce the dosage), but taken in consideration that this is a long test form, it stays in your body for a long time even after you stop.
    I wouldn’t recommend test at all for a woman, but if you still want to give it a try, then at least go for a shorter based one such as test prop. If you start feeling virilization effects, you stop its use and the compound gets flushed out of the body quickly.
    I do understand that it requires more injections, but is safer. Also, I do understand that 1 cc weekly is not a big dosage, but for a woman that might be more than enough, especially in combination with 20 mg of var.

    Also, 20 mg of Anavar per day is recommended only to women that already used it in the past. Have you?
    If you haven’t – go for 5-10 mg a day. increase to 15 mg a day which is maximum that most women need. 20 mg for women is absolutely maximum – getting over this dosage is not recommended, and only women with experience can use such a dosage.

    As to answer your question – for a woman 20 mg of Anavar alone might be too much, 1 cc of test per week alone for a woman might be too much: combined is definitely way too much!
    Anavar might not be a good steroid for a man to put on muscles, but is good for a female to do so. Depending on diet and exercise program – you can cut some body fat too.

    In the end, my first question would be: have you ever had any experience with any steroids in the past? if you haven’t – 4 weeks of Anavar 10 mg a day would be a good start for you and your needs. Then you can go to 15 mg 6 weeks which is more than enough to offer great results. If you still don’t get enough results combine it with (which is unlikely when everything is done right), 200 mg of test prop per week (30 mg daily) in combination with Anavar 15 mg weekly is going to offer lots of results as your third cycle (when you have enough knowledge and experience).

    All of this is done to save you and keep away from bad side effects that you said you know the risks.
    I sure hope this would help you to keep you safe. In whatever you choose to do – I wish you good luck and please update!


      Hi bill! Thanks for your insight. To be truthful, these meds were recommended by my bodybuilder friend whose wife is doing the same program. I’ve never done any of this before, first time for anything. He’s been the one suggesting the dosages to me as what his wife is doing. There’s not much online as far as answers, which luckily I found this forum.
      I have noticed some less desirable side effects( clitoral sensitivity) which I did jump to 20mg for 4 days and then noticed this side effect. I started on 10mg once a day for 8 days now.
      But I was also told that I needed to do both meds at the same time to get the best affect.
      I just want to do the right thing without endangering myself. I’m 5’3, 140lbs. I REALLY appreciate your wisdom in this area as I’m completely lost.


        Well, such a dosage might be good enough for a woman (but that's the upper end) who has a lot of experience. That's why, ask your bodybuilder friend whose wife is doing the same program - for how long she uses steroids? I'm pretty sure she has more experience than you. Other than that, do not forget that what works for someone, might not work for another. That's why is so important for you to start slowly and then slowly increase if needed - this way you notice how your body reactions to the compounds and if is safe to increase dosage.
        there's a high chance that clitoral sensitivty is due to 20 mg a day of Anavar and i think you've taken the right decision of going down to 10 mg a day. With time, you may increase again to 20 mg, but only after your body gets used to the compound.
        there's a truth that you may need to use both meds at same time to get best effect, but this way you have higher risks of side effects too. So is pretty much up to you and how you feel.
        I just want to do the right thing without endangering myself.
        That's why I decided to respond to your post and I really hope this information would be helpful and you would remain healthy - regardless of what you choose to do. Also, hopefully you would reach your goals!