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    From Bear,

    I am pleased to say that I will be Blackroids rep on MuscleGurus. As the members of MG might imagine, Staff expects the very best from all Sponsors and their Reps. My role will be crucial in meeting all expectations from the wonderful members on MG.

    We are here to support and provide the best product on the market. Our commitment is second to none. During my initial communication with Blackroids I was highly have been impressed. They offer the best customer service I have experienced in my 20+ years. They offer more incentives than any other company on the net. I have spent some time reading through their “Rewards Offers” and how customers can expect to build up their accounts that can be used for getting multiple items at reduce prices and even free.

    I was honored when asked to be part of this great team.

    I am looking forward to working with members of MG.

    Here’s to a wonderful start.

    Please stop by our web page and look!! Our eco-system is like no other. As we grow, we will make future investment that will provide all customers a plethora of information from beginner to advanced athletes.
    Best Regards

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      With the many problems we are seeing from Raw suppliers, many issues have arisen with products being underdosed and even products being properly labeled. We offer UGG that is continoulsy tested that will remove these specific issues that many are having with underdosed gear or even getting the right product. We have a US based Warehouse that will have products delivered within a week. Why worry about what you are getting when you can have pharma grade gear. Take advantage of all our promos and begin to earn point towards future purchases. Invite friends and get an additional 5% off. build up enough points and get free pharma grade gear.

      What we want is to offer the most reliable service and most courteous to our customers. You can’t go wrong – BR is taking it to a new level.

      Give is us try and begin to feel part of a unique family.

      Our system (website) is easy very rewarding!



        10 reasons why you should consider http://WWW.BLACKROIDS.COM
        1- Experience
        We, at Blackroids, are a team of AAS enthusiasts working in this business for more than 10 years. We are always proud and happy to share our knowledge with others in a real passionate community.

        2- Best prices and rewards
        We are running long term discounts until 30%, with a few brands and some special discounts several times a year. On top of that you can also enjoy our loyalty system including a Virtual Wallet giving you 20% cash back on every purchase you pay on Blackroids. Yes, 20% lifetime, with no minimum order, and from the first order you place! Also check our referral system giving you 15% on your sponsored orders. Your Virtual Wallet allows you to pay your next order with the cash-back accumulated! Stay tuned not to miss any of our recurrent contests and special promos.

        3- Safe and reliable shipping
        We are working directly with all our warehouses and you can trust their experience in getting your package delivered to you safely and in the shortest delays. You can also opt for our shipping insurance at checkout and feel 100% confident in getting your order.

        4- Data privacy and security
        We use the best encryption and security to protect your personal data, from your user registration such as for you billing and shipping data. We never sell or use your data to anyone else than the mandatory third parties required for delivering your order.

        5-Free cycle advice
        Even if you are not a customer yet, you can ask our experts, professional trainers and competitors, for advice about how to use our products and for some help building your dedicated cycle.

        6-Only quality products
        We pay a particular attention to the quality of our products. Most are given with a lab test report on our website, and we only work with trusted and reputed warehouses. We only sell authentic certified products, verifiable on the official websites of the brands. We also try as much as possible, to get feedback from many of our customers to be sure everything is perfectly fitting their expectations, from shipping to product performance and quality.

        7-Variety,global coverage and availability
        We work closely with all our warehouses around the world to ensure all products are always in stock, delivered fast, and that you can find anything you are looking for.

        8-Customer service and reps
        Our support team and our reps are always doing their best to answer any question. Whether you are asking for pre-sale information or having any question about your account or any order, we usually reply within a few hours through our top-notch ticket system. We are thinking our business with a real approach to customer satisfaction.

        9-Reviews and transparency
        Check our reputation on many specialized forums and you will see how happy our customers are. As really passionate hard workers, all the great reviews about us are our gasoline so we always try to comply to all our customers’ expectations.

        10- Technology
        Blackroids is not yet another AAS online shop, Blackroids is a fully automated Web2.0 generation website, using the best and most secure components, modules, and technology available on Internet, our Cryptocurrency payment system is fast, reliable, 100% anonymous and secured + you will enjoy our new virtual wallet cash-back credits and a powerful fully automatic referral system.

        From Blackroids Staff


          Send me your email in a PM or post it here for an additional 5% off. I will add your email to the system and once you register the system will recognize your email addy and give you an additional 5% off.


            I have been part of the bodybuilding community for many years. I have never seen such an opportunity for amazing discounts. Even Free products using the referral system.

            First time customers get 20% off. This is an introductory offer for all our new customers. Take advantage and start saving money NOW!! This is your first step to amazing savings.

            Use this referral link and begin your journey. You have nothing to loose:


            Blackroids offers an unique cashback reward system.
            Earn cashback on every purchase: Visit our site and read through tutorial.


            Your referrals also get a bonus while having you as a sponsor. When using your referral link (available in your customer account dashboard), they get immediate 5% discount on an order of their choice on Blackroids. They also get immediate 3 € (please do the conversion to $$) discount as every new registered customer + access to Blackroids CashBack program!

            With Blackroids cashback and referral together, you can win more than 500 € per month!

            Wanna give a try? you’ll get surprised how easy and fast it is!
            Use it instantly on your next orders! Stake it and convert it to BTC, yes you can earn money on Blackroids!

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              Here is a great chance at an amazing discount. Join us during our launch. We are hitting full throttle and not turning back.

              Take advantage our our referral system:

              Navigate through our tutorial and be ready to be amazed how much you can save or even get free products.

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                Earn 20% Cash Back on all your orders, Get 15% Cash Back lifetime on ALL your affiliate’s orders, no limit.



                  Virtual Wallet Credit

                  Your Virtual Credit is fed through many ways. You can receive some special credit by creating new customer account or get 20% cash back on every paid order you place. 15% reward for all your referrals paid orders as well. All these events will automatically credit virtual money in your virtual wallet.

                  But for our dear customers who prefer to credit their virtual wallet first to use it anytime to pay any order (instead of having to send payment during the ordering process), we offer the products below.

                  So here are the rules:

                  You can purchase Virtual Wallet Credit anytime.
                  When you purchase a wallet credit, you get the same amount that you pay, directly credited into your Virtual Wallet.
                  This credit never expires (unless you spend it).
                  Once credited to your Virtual Wallet, you can pay partially or fully any order.
                  You can purchase as many credit products as you want and mix this credit with any other credit amount or product.
                  There is no commission or fee for this credit.
                  Like any other product on our store, purchasing a Wallet Credit also gives you 20% cash back in your Virtual Wallet. For example, if you purchase a 200€ credit, you will receive 240€ in your virtual wallet! And when your referrals purchase some credit, you also get 15% reward of it like for any paid order they place. These packages offer an amazing discount with 20% Cash Back. Once again, BR is looking for ways to bring customers amazing savings.

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                    Here are a few more which offers you greater savings!

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                      The Blackroid staff is always concerned with the health of those using AAS.


                      We want to take the time to explain why donating blood is crucial to all taking any kind of Steroids.

                      The need to donate blood is often hand in hand with androgen use. Androgens increase the number of red blood cells, leading to ‘thick blood’. This can be seen on blood tests as elevated hematocrit. The reason is that Testosterone and other androgens have an erythropoietic stimulating effect. These effects increase the chance of a stroke.

                      Or in plain English, your kidneys secrete erythoprotien as they detect decreased O2 circulation due to androgen use, which increases hemoglobin / hematocrit / RBC.

                      The issue with red cells being too high is that up to a certain point an increase in red cells will cause an increase in oxygen delivery to tissues. Returns diminish after about a hct of 50 because the increased viscosity will decrease oxygen delivery, despite there being more oxygen per unit of volume of blood. Too high hematocrit is bad because of this and, as mentioned, it increases the chance of stroke. It also puts much more load on the heart to pump thicker blood, which is bad for obvious reasons.

                      Finally, bone marrow will replenish the red cells. Especially if whatever is causing the hct to be high is still there. Like AAS, COPD, living at the top of a mountain, etc. This is called “secondary polycythemia.” The only cure is to remove the cause. But donating blood could help. It will not lower the hct all that much with the small volume they take off. If your hct is 55% donating blood is not going to drop you to 45%. But you will generate a fresh supply of red blood cells. Younger red blood cells are more compliant and can go through capillaries easier than old red cells. This is part of the reason for the theory that women get a lot of health benefits from menstruating every month. They have a constant fresh supply of red blood cells and avoid iron overload.

                      Aside from high hematocrit, it IS a great practice to do (saving lives!), and you may benefit from it yourself one day. If you have a rare or useful/broadly compatible blood type, even more reason to do so.

                      Stay Healthy,

                      BR Staff
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                        Bigger and Better things are coming to BR. Keep visiting our site We are constantly asking our customers what will make the site better! We are striving to make BR a one stop shop with the best customer service on any sponsor.


                          Limited Blood Thirsty February Sale

                          To The Great Members on MG,

                          Take advantage of our Limited Blood Thirsty February Sale. The more you purchase the more points you build up for discounted products or even free. Don't be left behind!

                          15% off any Beligas product(s)
                          15% off any Odin Pharma Products(s)

                          BLACKROIDS STAFF

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                            Our COMMITMENT to you!
                            BLACKROIDS is committed to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction in the “ASS” (NOT THAT KIND OF MARKET FOR THE DIRTY MINDED MEMBERS - LOL) market. To support and achieve this goal, BR has implemented a quality policy that is systematically applied to all its customers. We took sometime developing this marketing graph, but it truly indicates the importance of the individual customers.

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                              One day for whatever stupid reason I calculated how much weight I have lifted throughout my life:

                              Let’s take chest day: let’s keep in simple: Bench press: 250lbs for 15 reps = 3,750lbs x 4 = 15,000lbs
                              Flyes: 50 lbs for 20 reps = 5,000lbs x 4 = 20,000lbs
                              Pec Deck: 100lbs 20 reps = 2,000lbs x 4 = 8,000lbs
                              Which ever else you do, let say another 5,000lbs

                              Total for chest day: 48,000 lbs.

                              Then you have leg day
                              If we kept the math around the same daily number : 48,000 x 5 days = 240,000lbs for the week.

                              We take some time off during the year so let’s assume we do this 45 weeks in a year. Total: 10,800,000lbs push or pulled in a year. And we are using middle ground poundage. I know many of you do a lot more.

                              I am 56 been lifting since was 15. that’s 45 years. Now let’s subtract 10 years cause sometimes we can take some long break. Just average. Some may never take a break.

                              In my case using these calculations: 35 years x 10,800,000 = 378,000,000lbs. No wonder we are always hurting. Our bodies were not meant for that kind of punishment. Yet we love it and understand as we get older our joints are crying out. My joints tell me throw in the white flag. Stop you retard. enough is enough. Yet, we are gluttons for punishment and love what we do.

                              Just something to share. Our insanity to lift!!