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    Forum Rules

    General Rules


    -Selling gear through pm's is not permitted, otherwise you WILL be banned permanently. If anyone receives a PM from another member trying to sell gear, Please let me know as soon as possible.

    - No Source Reviews in the forums. We have source review pages for that.
    - No self, product or source promotion in the forums!
    - Do not copy/paste articles you find on other forums. If you must share your own experience, write up a short excerpt and provide a link to the original article.

    Do not copy/paste articles you find on other forums. If you must share your own experience, write up a short excerpt and provide a link to the original article.
    And what if I am the Author??


      bro, if you are the author, then it is acceptable.


        What if you're just a contributing writer? All of our forum comments are written by a staff of writers. When one of us has an idea for a post, we first submit a spec (or speculative) to the executive producer. If he accepts it, the Executive Producer assigns the comment to the Head writer, and he is responsible for creating all comment plot lines, dialogue, characters and situations. Concurrently, the contributing forum writers also provides the initial story generation and outlines as well as all script rewrites and polishes.

        So, what would we do in that situation?


          that's a good and interesting idea. Will think about it and let you know.
          Thank you.



            - Do not copy/paste articles you find on other forums. If you must share your own experience, write up a short excerpt and provide a link to the original article.

            Does this apply to forum content only or ariticles as well?  Because we have a lot of both already.  Just trying to clarify and clean up my stuff..........

            Edit:  Got the answer - "Short description and link source"

            Rule 6.3

            1. Don’t copy paste articles from other websites’ forums or blogs on Only unique content is allowed in our forum, keep being original. In case you find worth news or articles, post a short description with a link to the original article in the News Section.

            This is going to be tough to follow personaly - Leaving source links is easy etc but I will feel like I am re-inventiing the wheel quite often if I ned to re-write usefull data and I am not sure how much Plagarized data people realize is already here............





              just wanted to know if its ok to post a pic the same day as i joined? been on this site for less than a day and i'm already getting called a bullshit artist? Is this the kind of people that are on here??? I am on other sites and I saw my source here so why can't i give a review and post pics?



                Sure its ok to add a picture biggC but you must be sure to write a complete source review. Browse through the rules and you will find all your answers there.

                You will  not be able to vote for your source untill you have a min of 5, karma points but again you can leave a review w/pic. This will get you karma points as well as an introduction. Browse our forum section, contribute to the, and that too will help boost your karma So i would start with an introduction which can be found in the forum section.



                  awesome network




                    I'm not sure, but due to new government sanctioned regulations in the MSb or MSB.  That some site's are not taking money tranfers under any circumstance.  There have always been sar's  (suspicious activity reports) xxxxxxxxxxx is supposed to fill them out if they believe you are acting suspiciously. There's much more in a letter, that was sent to me.  I'm not sure how correct that is.  He came out I should send him money in the mail.

                    The problem with this is other sites are being careful.  If anyone if there is any truth to this please pm me

                    Thanks for all your time,





                      Brother you should not have your personal info out on the web !!! Imo delete it





                        please email me at [email protected]


                        Thank you sir !



                          Admin or Milkin,


                          can you please  close or cancel my pending src lic. order  I can select a new order and pay via bitcoin ?

                          I have tried over and over and I can nt create a new order, I assume due to the other I sent mg for still sits as it does.
                           Your help would me very much appreciated.

                          Thank you !






                            Hey Pitbull here new to forum, I just want to thank xxxxxxxxxx whom I have been purchasing from for the past two years, I just had a recent problem with the shipping of an order, well guess what they told me since I have been a loyal customer they would disregard the waiting period and do me a reship pronto. and I got the order within 14 days thanks guys.




                              333Pitbull, Thanks for the info bro. No source talk on the boards. delete the source and your name on the bottom. I'm glad they are taking care of you. Click on forums up top and you will see intro. Make an intro brother. Good to see you here...