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JARHEAD2 has been banned for 1 month (and his karma decreased)

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    Not sure burrr. I'll check andbif not I'll lift it because it's been over 30 days now.



      I lifted it and he's now unbanned : ))



        Man I sure do love y'all!!!   Thank y'all for the love you always show in return!


          Personally as an SR I dont mind him upvoting a review, I dont see favoritism, I see a well written review and someone recognizing it. The SR gets no karma for it. Only the guy writing the review. APL is a great domestic SR and obviously they deserve good reviews and Jarhead is a great dude... he seems to be here to help people out... I dont get it, but I try to stay out of the politics... especially when you are number 1 ... a lot of people accuse you of somehow cheating the system, lol... the 50% off promos really help you get to number 1 as long as people get their shit in a timely manner! Lol... I hope I dont get in trouble for standing up for Jarhead, but it's the right thing to do!


            Haha I just noticed that this is old shit...hahahaha Im A dumb ass


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              Yeah for some reason it appears first on the Logs section. Jarhead hasn't been active on the site in a VERY long time, like many other old-timers... I miss those guys, you know, Dolf, Jar, calm, JD, TUG, strong, swolesam, mister A (aka Griz), and others that i can't at the moment recall their names...