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    More Cardio?

    47. I do HIIT on a heavy bag for 10mins 2 or 3x a week. Saw a major improvement on rhr and hrv.
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    pre and post cycle pics

    Cruising @150 currently
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    pre and post cycle pics

    6ft1 - 47yo - first cycle. starting weight 163, end weight 198. 12wk cycle. Started with Test E 600 weekly(300x2) for six weeks with only acne as a side. Added Tren A 50ED at the six week mark once I felt comfortable with the test. The Tren made it so I could only sleep for 6 hours a night no...
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    Anyone ever get shingles post cycle?

    Thanks for all that. I already googled it to death, I now know more about shingles than I will ever need to. What I was asking was if anyone else had gotten it after a cycle. There is a documented case study on a guy who did get it after his cycles and I dug up a few old posts on random forums...
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    20 Yr Old Contemplating Gear Use

    There's no way to know you are a hyper responder without actually doing them and seeing the results.
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    Anyone ever get shingles post cycle?

    Yeah there is no definitive cause, just some evidence that roids can do this. It seems it is extremely uncommon. I found one case study where some poor guy got it after every cycle. Guess I'll find out after my next cycle.
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    Anyone ever get shingles post cycle?

    I have been cruising on 100w test post cycle and developed shingles about one month after my blast. Google is telling me that it could be the cycle that caused them. Looks like proactively taking an antiviral could prevent this but I'll see what happens after next blast. So any others out there...
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    Tanning peptide. Melotanon (sp?) Interesting compound.
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    Hey guys! Another new guy here post Exactly. Like anything it's what an individual can tolerate. 2g is the upper safe limit, long term anyway. I've seen my best results at that number and now that I'm using AAS my results have been insane. Regret not starting when I hit...
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    Hey guys! Another new guy here post
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    Hey guys! Another new guy here post

    As long as I space out my intake I have no real issues. I poop more =). There's studies on it and 2g per lb is safe for the long term. This is a bulking intake though. At cycles end I will drop down to 1g per lb and change my workouts as well. Back to the subject. 1g per lb is probably...
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    Hey guys! Another new guy here post

    Its hard but I shoot for 2g protien per lb of bodyweight. Everything tends to say 1 to 1.5g for muscle gain. I eat/ supp every 3 hours. Currenty near the end of my first cycle and at 198 and taking in over 400g of protein daily with varying amounts at 3 hour intervals. Look into the Chronometer...
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    Hey guys! Another new guy here post

    Like HGH said. 2300 calories isn't enough. My 2 cents is try counting macros over calories. It has helped me gain muscle a lot easier while still staying lean. Obv. protein is my focus and carbs are the thing I am extremely cautious about and fats are in the middle with me not worrying much...
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    Yeah that sucks man. The anxiety of the whole process can be a bit much when there is a hiccup. If you read thier reviews they fix thier mistakes but it does take time =(.
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    Usually after payment confirmation it's 3 to 4 business days until the shipping label is printed. Then another 3 to 4 until it actually ships and then 2 or 3 days until it's delivered. This is my experience with 3 orders within the past 3 months.