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    Hi guys, missed ya! Sorry I have been gone for 7+ weeks but we moved the office and the new firewall will NOT let me into the system. I have to take my computer on vacation and thus I can finally get in today. Anyone else ever have this experience? Any advice?
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    New Format

    Okay time to start a helpful discussion. I appreciate all the direct messages and emails but after so many it's obvious we all need some help here so what the heck, lets get it started. So here goes: Two basics. A) What do you LIKE about the new site (for me sources are better...
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    Best compliment

    <p>Okay it's slow, time for a topic.  Whats your best compliment you have ever received in the gym?</p><p>Mine happened last month....keep in mind I am that irritating nice guy at the gym. Kinda loud and friendly and nice to everyone.  Well I am at a hotel on vacation working out and this rather...
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    <p>All right I am gone till next week. Have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING you group of fun son of a guns!</p><p>I am thankful for many things. One is you all and this site and it's sharing of knowledge and advice and motivation.</p><p>Now the big question?  Do you cheat for Thanksgiving Day?</p><p>I...
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    Doing the right thing

    <p>I am about to take my bi-weekly TRT shot (100mg Test C twice a week) and I am wondering. Do I want to do this? Is it too late to go back to PCT?</p><p>Anyone else every worry about this life long commitment?  Or am I just a pansy :-)</p><p>Honestly, my sex drive has faded lately and my nuts...
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    Weight Gain Advice

    <p>Okay I need some help here. This area of discussion is the exact opposite of my life. Me, I can gain weight super easy....losing is the hard part.</p><p>So here goes: I have a nice young man who is a new member of my gym and he asked me for some help. He is 17 (thus way too young to start...
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    Stack option

    <p>Okay, it's time to start planning my next cycle. I have a month or more before it begins but I need to place orders it seems a good time to find out what you guys think might be a good option for my next cycle and still give myself time to do deeper research into those ideas before...
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    Vacation pondering

    <p>Okay guys, this is just for fun as it's seemed a bit slow of late and heck, I honestly wonder if I am the only one.</p><p>So, two weeks ago I am on vacation with the family on Cancun and a guy steps out and makes me feel humbled (in a fun way). Dude could have been anywhere from 50-65 - built...
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    <p>This is purely for fun! And it's quite in here, we need something going on so please forgive me if this is too silly. </p><p>OK: Background. I am a hairy dude. I even like it, back, shoulders …. only thing not covered in fur is my head. The one place I wish was covered. <br />So this weekend...
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    <p>Just started a cycle with Test and Anavar. (600mg Test C weekly and 80mg Var daily)</p><p>I have some new questions on Anavar and hopefully they may help someone else down the road.</p><p>If Var has a half life of just 9 hours how do you handle your dosage? All at once or spread throughout...
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    Female TRT

    <p>My wife asked me a very interesting question.</p><p>What is the female version/treatment for their equivalent of TRT. Is it old school Estrogen therapy or is there better?  What would be a solid self treatment option if she or other post menopausal women wanted to 'feel twenty years old...
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    When to decide on TRT and risk vs PCT

    <p>Just finished cycle and HCG post cycle run and now I need to decide.</p><p>PCT or is it time to go to full TRT, which is where I am leaning.</p><p>Can I ask some more experienced people their thoughts and opinions/input on the following questions please?</p><p>What are the dangers of...
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    First ever PCT

    <p>Could use some advice on PCT.</p><p>To be clear I went a little long and strong on my 'cycle' due to an extreme lack of knowledge. Basically 2ml of Sustenon a week (1ml twice a week). For 4mths. It was strongly advised that I take a few months off and start a PCT cycle and learn more before...
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    New and need advice

    <p>Hello everyone. So glad I found this web site.</p><p>I have been doing a lot wrong and welcome any advice! Especially where I am obviously just so blatantly ignorant.</p><p>Background: 52 year old male. 190 lbs. 15-20% body fat. Work out every day, rotation of weight lifting one day and Yoga...