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    My new cycle to maintain size but look in condition

    bro thats not a cycle to "look good" that's a professional bodybuilding cycle! you're preparing for a competition?
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    Trenbolone cycle at 43?

    grows muscles and burns fat. dry gains. but possible side effects are... very possible. and really bad. what other steroids you used before? why you need Tren? if you want to look good without competing - you don't need Tren. ppl get sides at low doses of 350 mg/week.
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    Overtraining on gear

    you can still train 6 days a week and still grow. but it depends on your training methods. for example 1 h /day 6 day/week can be extremely effective when you don't try a muscle group more often than 2 times a week maximum.
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    Different steroid types?

    gotta agree with this, hgh is right. roids are only going to boost your gains faster or if you plateau naturally. but if you never hit the gym or continue with junk foods, roids aren't only not going to be helpful, but they would screw you up too
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    how many years does AAS turn back sex drive?

    that's me. first time using test I was ready 24/7. i was only thinking about gym and banging. or banging in the gym
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    Need to increase my appetite

    if you go for Test + Deca and even add an oral such as Adrol, usually that's enough for most people. just keep on pushing in the gym and you are unlikely to have any issues. also get urself enough sleep. when I'm sleep deprived I'm not eating enough as my appetite is suppressed.
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    New to the forum from Chicago

    Welcome to MG and welcome to the world of roids. Pretty sure you'll love both!
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    Hello @rhodes Is important to take into consideration that our customer support can't work 24/7 so you need to give it a little time until your questions would be answered on the tickets. Needless to mention that all our tickets would be replied shortly and definitely no need to mention that...
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    Anyone here using Pharaoh Labs?

    did you use any of them? is it good so far?
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    Bunk gear?

    Odin is a good manufacturer. That's extremely strange. maybe the testosterone test wasn't accurate? do you feel any difference after 5 weeks of use?
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    Hey new here

    Welcome to MG
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    thanks for your kind words. we really appreciate it

    thanks for your kind words. we really appreciate it
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    For anything regarding shipping/payments/etc. please open a ticket through the site.

    For anything regarding shipping/payments/etc. please open a ticket through the site.