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    Short Cycles

    <p>Been hearing a lot lately about the benefits of short cycles... ( easier recovery, shorter off time, steady gains) is there anybody that has long term experience with short term on/off cycles (6 weeks or less) and what are the results like long term. Having only done 3 cycles (4,6,12 weeks) I...
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    HGH Pens

    <p>Was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with the HGH pens and what the results were like, they are a little more expensive but far more convenient.</p>
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    Cutting on cycle and bulking off cycle

    <p>Just remembered I had this article that has helped me out massively with regards to cycling, i look awful when I've bulked on gear with excess fat... Relatively short too haha and can never seem to maintain any muscle as I always want to diet it off straight away (dieting straight after cycle...
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    The 'once a day diet'

    <p>Now I don't know about you guys but I am pretty fed up of eat 6-8 times a day, weighing my food every time, ensuring all my macros are correct, preparing, washing, cutting everything, its relatively easy as I work from home but there will come a time where I am back in the office and this...
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    New to MG

    <p>What's up guys,</p><p>24 years old from the UK, started training around age 16 and started cycling when I turned 23, just joined and am looking to get as much knowledge and advice as possible from the more experienced guys on here so i can make responsible decisions and protect my health as...