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  • Hey there Dunbar! saw some of your posts you seem extra helpful and thought i would reach out for any knowledge from ya :)
    I am looking to purcahse some hgh, looking at zptropin from irondaddy.to


    then some bacteriostatic water 30ml from


    I plan to start with 2iu's daily, increase to 3iu's. A little confused on the math for figuring out the dosage. I plan on adding 2ml to a 12iu vial. does that mean 1 iu would end up being 12x2, 24ml? so i would need 48ml total? or should that be something around 1iu aprox 18ml on syringe.
    I should add im on a small test c cycle atm 500mg a week, 4 weeks into. it sounds like both go well together
    also for injections i read that IM are most effective? i plan on switching that up as i go with IS into gut

    thanks for your time man!
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