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  • I'm on snap chat and even sent a msg thru the autoreply emails u get, but I'm worried I've kinda annoyed them coz of frequent ordering in past?
    Anyway, any help you'd be able to give would be really appreciated bud.
    Big thanks mate,
    Hi mate, hope ur okay?? I feel a but of an idiot asking, but I don't suppose you'd be able to help me??
    I don't know how private these messages are on here?! Lol.
    Truth is I've had a 'problem' with my last order - I don't suppose u know the best way to get a conversation going with proj directly??
    Thanks for the thumbs-up mate!
    And defo keep on with the body building - I can certainly tell you've been hitting the weights!! Lol.
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    Joe Keo
    In case that sounded negative - just meant: ur lookin good mate, well done!!
    Haha nah it sounded all good man, cheers 🤙💪
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