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    Why are you looking at the ceiling???

    <p>Sup All? Hope your living life and making gains (or cuts since it's beach time again). I have recently fired my Dr. and starting lifting heavier weights and the deep soreness is like is like an old friend I haven't seen in a while. With that being said I was doing squats the other day and...
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    <p>FUCKING DO IT!! DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! You know exactly what I am talking about. That Thing...... That Thing you have dreamed about! The thing you were scared you would fail at! That thing that on your death bed, with your last breath you will regret not having done!!!! I do not know you, and you...
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    HH out of wack everything else 5x5

    <p>Today I saw my pcp, we do bloods every 4 months, and Everything che ks out in range except hEMOGLOBIN AND hEMATOCRIT. BOTH HIGH. ANY PERSINAL EXPERIENCE WITH THIS?</p>
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    <p>                                                                               I am searching for their protocol, Compounds, dosages, IF i find it I will post a link to the info</p>
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    INFA-MEAL anyone???

    <p>Today was the first day I was in my place of pain during business hours. And I happened upon the biggest dude I have ever seen in real life, no shit he looked like the old HE-MAN action figure, had to be 280. Any ways I asked him whats his secret, and his reply was "train everyday, and...
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    largest known protein

    <p>The name of the largest known protein has 189,819 letters. Who knew?</p>
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    German and Russian research?

    <p>I have spent lots of hours researching the compounds I use, and studies done, what few there are on AAS use. And I came to realize I can't find a lot about Russian or German research done on the subject. There are lots of tidbits, and acknowledgement to single papers or statements being...
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    <p>I am jewsir, an arrogant, slightly misleading handle I came up with several years ago when I was just beginning to go back on trt, and had aspirations of becoming a Tren taking, hgh running, 5k calorie a day, supp. popping, Superbeast who lived for ripped mass. And I did run some short...
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    mens hormonal cycles

    <p>while researching the benefits of fighting our natural fluctuations of testosterone, and trying in vain to keep a stable level. I came across these articles that I found interesting and would like to share with the community. When I started trt, all the forums stressed the importance of...