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    China ban

    January 1, 2020 china steroid new law. Which way do you think this will effect you? Do you think prices will go up? Some sources have difficult getting you your gear? Maybe your gear will be not 100% dosed. I think if you can I would stock up and ride it out and see where this goes. This is...
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    How to find us domestic supplier

    B4 I use to be able to find out all the us domestic suppliers. Not sure how to find them now, without clicking on every source. My question is.... What button will get me there quicker? Thanks in advance and have a great day and be safe!
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    New guy : Hi to all of you!

    <p>Hi to everybody! My name is Mike and I am 53 years old and looking to stay in the best shape I can. Looking to do some good safe cycles and get blood work done also. In time many cycles behind me I wish do try a tren A cycle with test prop eod. (To get a great cut body.)  Looking foreword to...