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    Bunk gear?

    Among other things lol
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    Switching to deca

    This is also true some guys can run deca higher without issues and feel great. But it seems to be a rarity
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    Switching to deca

    Yes I second supps comment ; these cycles need to be run longer and take much longer to leave the system; usually end the test two weeks after you end the deca, then start pct two weeks after the test no less than 30 days after your last shot of deca. Sometimes also needs a more aggressive PCT...
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    Ratios for Compounds - Test/Tren/Mast

    I don’t mean to pull apart your stuff but I just know for me this wouldn’t have worked
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    Ratios for Compounds - Test/Tren/Mast

    First off; tren is much more androgenic and binds to the AR with a much higher affinity than test; mast or primo. I run my tren higher than my test because it keeps sides minimized for me; also when I add masteron or primo ; to a cycle like that; you’d better have a low BF% or IMO there are...
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    Ratios for Compounds - Test/Tren/Mast

    Dude that’s a huge anavar dose pwo ; there’s a few confusing things in this protocol.
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    My first Test C 250 cycle (reviewed)

    Glad that you had a good experience ; but definitely definitely too short of a cycle at 8 weeks; I would only just start really getting into my cycle. Albeit you were running a test dose that seemed to give you a lot of sides for how small of a dose it was. Keep in touch on here with us...
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    Pec tear or pull???

    Connective tissue - BPC157 and TB500.- 2 week course I guarantee you’ll feel drastic improvement
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    Why it’s important to dose T4 with HGH

    I am going to inbox you a couple of sources of info that state otherwise … you can tell me what you think my friend
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    HGH w/ TRT

    I’ve found this to be suggestive depending . But long term blasting GH can tank t3 - as a result of t3 being converted from t4 and the actual t4 depletion is what causes the t3 to drop
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    Adding deca

    Next cycle id even say just go higher test
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    anavar cycle only

    Consider getting some baseline blood work done before doing anything; as to assess where your bio markers are at and to have a starting point.
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    anavar cycle only

    I don’t get the anavar thing personally but 🤷🏼‍♂️ It has its place in a cycle for sure. Vigorous Steve recommends 5 mg daily indefinitely
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    What's good!

    Welcome bro
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    Ratios for Compounds - Test/Tren/Mast

    I’d lower the test personally first