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    Men.... this is you (See Pic)

    Pedrito, I agree with you. I think there is more to whats going on than is being told. Case in point. One of my daughters friends (that marched in Austin to defund the police) on Saturday, and got assaulted and robbed Sunday night. Guess who she called first; thats right, the police! She had...
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    Is masturbation or sex allow in a cycle?

    I may go 12 weeks without banging a chick, but I can promise you its not by choice!
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    this had me cracking up

    No doubt. I can order a large pizza, cheese breadsticks and large coke. But, cant take something that makes me want to be /eat healthy. If someone wants to eat like this, and I do myself, but i should have a choice on something to make me want to be healthier.
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    Choosing a source tips

    Nice post. Excellent advice
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    Sup Alpha n welcome. Cool site. Nice products and prices. FR sent.
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    wat sup Alpha. Nice site n good prices. FR sent.

    wat sup Alpha. Nice site n good prices. FR sent.
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    Anadrol + Tbol dosage

    One thing for certain, when taking ANY orals, you need to take Milk Thistle. Well, in todays society with all of the additives/prservatives etc. milk thistle is good to take. It helps flush the toxins out the livers stored in the liver. BEWARE, the first few days, it will urine will smell like a...
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    New member

    Being from the medical field; I believe covid has to be a female, because you dont know if its going to wreck you life, or if its going to get you down for a few days, few weeks, few months; its very unpredictable! My wife and I are therapist, and she also and has had covid twice. First time...
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    Purchase methods

    Yes sir. If not, there will be many, many complaints, and they will get booted. Personally, I have been ordering "domestically" for over 10 years. Have there been some hiccups along the way? Absolutely. One has to keep in mind, there are a lot of spokes in the wheel when ordering. When/if there...
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    Purchase methods

    I agree with HGH.TO. If the source is legit, it doesnt matter how you pay them, they will get you your gear to you; whether it be cash, check, credit card, bitcoin, money order, etc. Just as a scammer doesnt care how you pay them, he is going to scam you regardless. I have a very reliable...
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    Testosterone and Libido

    Like Emachine replied, Arimidex and/or hcg; preferably both. Many guys make the mistake of thinking the need to take "more" Test secondary to the reverse side-effects; decreased sex drive, shrinkage, etc. Taking more Test will only increase the side effects your already having. Good luck.
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    Welcome, JRock. Youre going to like it here; very laid back with some VERY knowledgeable guys.
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    Ordering ID

    OMG, I had the same exact problem with the same exact answer.
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    Ordering ID

    These guys are the freaking bomb. new-ids. com Ive ordered approx 30-35 from them and never, ever had any issues. They are scannable, have holograms; the whole garment. Any questions holla at me. Good luck