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    im back

    hey all just want to welcome all i dont know and say whats up to my mg family i will fill in where i been later
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    <p>ok, </p><p>i had a good talk with a brother today and we discussed a few subjects  .</p><p>#1 mg was created as a 0 bashing site , </p><p>#2 there are no stupid questions </p><p>#3 the only stupid question is the one not asked </p><p>#4 some how mg turned into GO BACK A D READ THE FORUMS ITS...
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    mind ,body ,spirit

    <p>as of late , ive been doing a ton of thinking and one thing i was always big on and im going to get back to is mg was always more of a venting site not just aas use but  lifes challenges in general yes i know we are on a aas site but  fuck that getting back to sieg 101..</p><p>i truly...
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    <p>My friend </p><p>I had to unpublish your review , it had shipping and payment info in it ..</p><p>That my friend we do not disclose , I sent you a PM also ,please repost your review ,,but leave out shipping and payment info   thank you</p>
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    How ignorant society has become

    <p>This post is not meant for everyone , because we are not all ignorant or blind to whats important  .</p><p>The last year i have had such a x xXxX awakening  , i would give anything just to he EVEN !!!!   Meaning bills paid working enough hours to c9ver being even   !!!</p><p>But no i listened...
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    My condolence

    <p>To all who lost a loved one , the wounded , the fatherless ,motherless today is a day of remembrance of the sacrafice thats why i said my condolences..</p><p>I was reading a artical by a well decorated seal and these were his words , society (for the most part ) made this day into happy...
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    Speaking of cruise

    <p>I can honestly say , i have not cruised or ran ANY , aas in at least 6 to 8 weeks  </p><p>Before that i started a cruise  maybe pinned 1x or 2  and stopped i was scared due to the liver  </p><p>I think it's fair to say after running and cruising for well over 5 years  , that im bottomed out ...
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    It can happen

    <p><span style="color: #536679; font-family: Lato, sans-serif; font-size: 15px;">Michael David Watson appeared in Riverton’s Circuit Court on Friday afternoon following his arrest on Thursday, January 4, 2018. Watson’s bond was set at $15,000 cash after Judge Roberts concurred with prosecutor’s...
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    Cost of teeatment

    <p>After a eye opener from 124 ,</p><p>I did some digging and the numbers of people in the us with hep is outrageous,  im talking drs , lawyers, pharmacists,  government all the way down to the junkie and lower classes of people. .  </p><p>The us and uk are among the highest with treatment...
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    Interesting find

    <p>As i said , all my free time has been spent on research. , i came accross many many articals and products. But this here my friends . Has sparked much interest. </p><p></p><p>Im going to do a little more digging on this , and as of...
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    <p>Im going to sound like a dick here ,but i assure you thats furthest from my intentions .</p><p>How many new members do i see ,saying that they already ran cycle , i ran anadrol,i ran dbol,i ran super drol .sorry to break it they are not cycles , that is called making a horrible mistake .what...
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    Donating , blood when you cant

    <p>Im not going to go into specifics here , but i know i need to get rid of a few pints of blood , i know my rbc (just touching the tip of what i need ) is very high. , </p><p>where would a person that cannot donate , get rid of blood ? </p><p>I know its been mentioned , to do it my self and...
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    <p>ok , </p><p>there are many of you , and i know as a fact. you have many doubts running through your head. </p><p>the local gym rat or a first order , and your sitting on some beauitful bottle.  ( dam i love them little shot glasses )   but honestly. , theres help here. </p><p>dont do what i...
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    <p>gentelmen and ladies. ,</p><p>i just took a quick peek. and like over 100 or more members just made accounts. in the last few days. </p><p>my friends im here to assure you , and every other mod ,and every other member will tell you.  ..</p><p>get active ask questions. ,i promise you will not...
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    <p>bros and sisters im gone. , </p><p>im on a mission also have been and im closer way way closer than these ppl think.  , lmao.    but.  im going this is me banning myself once agion.  and my friends.  :) i sware on my grand kids , you will see me soon.  HELL IS COMING TO DINNER. , you pushed...