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    Hopping on HGH finally

    Hi, I wanted to make a post here because you all have been so helpful to me over the last few months. I made some other posts in the TRT forum but now I've finally quit. I just didn't show up for my shot one day. I thought they would call me and have a difficult conversion but I never heard...
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    Quitting TRT

    Hi Everyone, Started my TRT journey about 3-4 months ago. My clinic slowly took me up to 200mg/week, but on the most recent bloods my total T came back above their reference range and my E was too high as well. On 200mg/week I was at: 1200+ total t 59 E So they took me down to 170mg/week...
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    Hi, I'm looking for a Raloxifine source. I checked the top sources and I don't see it under PCT? I'm asking my men's clinic for it too but they want to give tamoxifine. I read that Raloxifine works better with fewer side effects for gyno so I'm trying to get that... Any help is appreciated...
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    Rice warning read this if you suck at cooking

    Hi, I recently started trying to follow a strict diet with cooking. I perfectly laid out the amount of chicken, rice, etc that I should get in a day. I neatly portioned out my rice, 1 cup. I cooked my rice. Wow, that's a lot of rice. Am I really supposed to eat this?? NO! Oh shit bros I...
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    HGH w/ TRT

    Hi all, I made another post about TRT vs Steroids in the TRT forum. Thank you all for commenting, the comments you made were really helpful. For now I'm sticking with what my dr. has proscribed but I'm still interested in adding more. I'm getting my bloodwork done again this Thursday to see...
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    TRT as a gateway to steriods

    Hello, I recently started Testosterone Replacement Therapy at a clinic. I was tested with low testosterone levels, and for the last 3+ years I have suffered from extreme fatigue that has made it difficult to function. On TRT, I feel like I have my energy back. I'm 33 years old. However, I have...