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    Test Cyp + Bold cycle

    That'll be fine too, I was just adding npp to help you put on a little more muscle but I completely understand you not wanting to pin that much. You could always add 50mg/var or 50mg/tbol every day for about 6 weeks to add just a little more lean mass but that's strictly up to you. Yeah deca and...
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    Alright I just gotta ask this

    Yep, welding away 🤣
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    Questions about gyno

    Dbol can cause acne
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    Test Cyp + Bold cycle

    Npp in shorter cycles (8 weeks) normally doesn't cause bloating. Just eat clean. It will keep you lean if your diet is good. Yeah EQ takes about 6-8 weeks to even really begin. Test prop and npp 100mg-150mg of each every other day for 8 weeks would be great for you and your goals
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    Alright I just gotta ask this

    Oh yeah you are right there.
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    Summer cut update

    If you have never ran t3 or clen. I would just go with clen. T3 will cause more muscle loss and you really need to be careful with it so you don't fry your thyroid. If you choose both do a lot of reading and research first.
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    Blood donation.

    I donate double RBC's every 111 days or 3x a year. And of course steroids increase rbc production which causes thicker blood. Anadrol and Eq are 2 of the worst but testosterone and others do to.
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    looking for sources

    That's the worst advice I have ever heard 😃
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    Where are the Vets?!?

    Don't even think I knew that about you. Awesome 😎😎😎.
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    What brand of gear do you use!

    Changed my mind. I ordered Saxon Eq and npp. Will finish last 8 weeks of cycle by adding npp 500/week for 8 weeks
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    What brand of gear do you use!

    No I'm in USA but I order dp internationally
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    What brand of gear do you use!

    Think I am going to order me some Ultima Eq. Going to need another vial or 2 and hearing pretty good reviews on them. Been using dragon pharma Eq and have absolutely no complaints about it either, just have to order it well in advance
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    Happy about my progress

    Keep it up buddy. Thumbs up.
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    Side effects from high test cycles

    Love gym on days off. 5 sets wide grip lat pulldowns. 5sets close grip lat pulldowns. 5sets wide grip rows. 5sets narrow grip rows. 16 sets of various style curls. 2 sets underhand grip pullups to failure. I would do this routinely if I could figure out how not to have to work. Please send all...
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    Side effects from high test cycles

    You can. That's 2 years worth of working my tail off and eating as right as I can.
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    Bulking on keto

    Yep. And I am unfriending you Mr. Carb
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    Side effects from high test cycles

    Getting better vascularity
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    Insomnia test P

    It can cause insomnia and many others can too. Hopefully it will subside after your body adjusts to it. I don't know what your dosage is but if you're not getting hardly any sleep you might need to cut it down a little
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    EQ + Sustanon + dBol or Eq + Test C + dBol?

    Needs to be at least 12 weeks, if you are tolerating everything fine you can extend it up to about 16 weeks