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  1. BiggyBill

    Telmisartan the wonder drug for any fitness athlete

    Never heard of it! Thanks for sharing man!
  2. BiggyBill

    Cycle help/suggestions?

    About 50-70 mg daily.
  3. BiggyBill

    Etho Test 300mg

    Hope so
  4. BiggyBill

    Etho Test 300mg

    Yes, for most people - the body gets used to it. But if it doesn’t go away or gets even worse is time for a change
  5. BiggyBill

    Some questions

    Best PCT is individual. But I would say 40 mg a day of Nolva with 50 mg a day of Clomid for 2 weeks and then lower the dosages in half for 2 more weeks (10 mg nolva twice per week wont really help) Again, depends on each individual. But with proper workout and diet i would say that most of it...
  6. BiggyBill

    Etho Test 300mg

    As long as there’s no issues - you can continue the way it is
  7. BiggyBill

    Myfitnesspal numbers

    yeah, but sure Maniac is true. I have a friend with exact same stats as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (weight and height); yet he's full of fat.
  8. BiggyBill

    Just started Hormone therapy

    Usually, what is prescribed (dosage of test) is far from dosage for actual improvement in physique and streght. but you can indeed go the legal route and see how it goes. also, as long as your insurance pays for everything is good. If you would need to pay more, is worth checking the price of...
  9. BiggyBill

    Myfitnesspal numbers

    As long as the weight keeps coming down, you will see a difference for sure! Plus, yeah, it does seem there’s bit of definition! Keep in mind that you started only a while ago.
  10. BiggyBill

    Opinion of Tren E. 220

    Yep, as long as you got legit Tren (regardless of brand, but i never heard if it either) you’ll see huge results. this stuff is powerful, that’s why is generally not recommended to beginners (imagine how powerful is it)!
  11. BiggyBill

    First cycle questions

    With time and dedication you surely will!
  12. BiggyBill


    You’re definitely right Maniac
  13. BiggyBill

    First cycle questions

    yes you can. it doesn't look like you're missing anyhting as you got it all perfect if you need 1 mg per week @ 200 mg weekly of test, then there's a high chance you would need 2 mg a week @ 500 mg of test
  14. BiggyBill

    Myfitnesspal numbers

    you'll see them, no worries. about workout - you can do it daily, no probs, as long as your body can recover back up to the next training
  15. BiggyBill

    Myfitnesspal numbers

    agreed here. also, do you workout daily? your body succeeds to recover?
  16. BiggyBill

    Beligas test results

    That's why Beligas is my favorite brand! Thanks for sharing!
  17. BiggyBill

    Introduction w/ thanks

    Welcome to MG! Would be glad to help with whatever you need!
  18. BiggyBill

    Deca promotes recovery

    Supps explained it perfectly. increase dosage or frequency only if the estrogens are getting too much, they would get too much only with specific steroids. Deca at doses under 350 mg weekly as you plan is unlikely to need anything to offset side effects. But again, Supps explained it very well
  19. BiggyBill


    Tried it too- almost no difference from test e. Just have my reasons for choose enanthate
  20. BiggyBill


    Etho Test from Beligas is my favorite Test. just make sure is real stuff