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    What is the threshold to start taking Aromasin?

    To what extent should one start taking Aromasin? Like is sensitive nipple cause enough to start a low dose, or is it when gyno is very noticeable? I'm about two weeks in on a 20 week Sustanon and EQ cycle.
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    Low dose EQ??

    My brother and I are in another discussion. Im willing to run much higher doses of test and whatever else I decide to take than he does. He is currently on TRT and wants to add a low dose EQ on top of that. I said I wasn't sure if it would it do that much since his dose would be so low...he is...
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    Does brand matter??

    Just wondering if there is like a top three brands that are recommended, or if they are all pretty much the same. I know there is pharm grade, how does one know it's farm grade and not UGL..I think it's called.
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    Endurance enhancing cycle?

    I was wondering if there is cycle out there that would help increase the ability to exert high energy for longer periods, like helping with running and endurance style exercise.
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    Can I run different brands in the same cycle?

    So I had a little bit of order mishap where I order from, so I ordered two 10ml of Odin Sustanon 300 and two 10ml of Odin EQ. However they could only send me one of my Odin Sustanon, because they are out of stock. So instead they are sending me a 10ml of Beligas Sustanon 250. Can I run the Odin...
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    Estrogenic protection, should I buy multiple??

    In June I'm going to start a 12 week Sustanon 300 and EQ cycle, I have been looking into estrogenic protection. Is it advisable to get Arimidex and Aromasin?
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    Best time for a blood test

    When is the best time to get my blood tested? I'm pretty much through my first week of PCT. I will start my new cycle in June. I would assume I wait a couple a weeks after my last dose of Nolvadex?? Thank you
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    Is the time on = time off the best??

    I did a pretty mild cycle of Sustanon 250 and Winstrol. I have Nolvadex for my PCT. If I do the time on cycle + Novladex + time off, I won't start a new cycle till mid June. I find it difficult to wait that long for a bigger cycle haha can I start sooner?
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    Advice on my next cycle

    Hey everyone, First time on a forum, I am having a hell of a time finding information on the stack I would like to try. I will give a little background. I'm 33 I have been working out solid for 17 years now, I'm in pretty good shape. I just finished a 8 week cycle of Sustanon 250 and Winstrol...