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    Lower back pump

    So I am on my first cycle of test cypionate at 2x250 a week I'm on about week 8 now. For over a month now I'm getting terrible "backpumps" in my lower back when doing things that put pressure on my back like digging etc. Does anyone know the cause of this? I dug out a wood post yesterday and...
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    So for 6 weeks now I've been on test cypionate 2 x 200 a week. My stomach bloating I feel gets worse and worse I take arimidex at .25 every 3 days or so and I can't figure out how to combat this any help would be great
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    New member!

    I just wanted to introduce myself my name is Brett 38 years old and from New York. I hope to gain some good information and find some folks I an trust with some questions seeing I am new to the scene thank you for all your time