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    Speak the Truth

    I was just wondering what your guys opinion is on Roid Rage and if it evan exist. All i can say from my experiance on test and tren is i have a bit more of a short fuse i dont take shit from no one too lightly but then again im just always in that mind state. Its one of those gear Myths i was...
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    So whats the Catch

    Watsup bros i have been wanting to know ((HOW THE HELL DO YOU GUYS DO IT))) I look at pictures and videos of dudes who get big as shit. Then in a short period they have abs and are all cut or defined up?? What is it? Is it the diet the Work outs If any of you guys could give me some pointers i...
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    Synthol experiences

    Has any one had experience with synthol? Not planning on doing it at the moment. Im asking becuase that guy boston loyd made him self jacked with it. I know he hit a nerve and it maid his arm Litteraly Exlpode from the meat. But i was just Wondering if any of my Bro Vets can enlighten the...
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    Back to the Boards

    I pricked my self today. I used to have my freind do it. I was shaky and it took me almost ten minutes just too prick my self. After the first time i put it in i drew back and blood came out. I immediately took it out. (I REALIZED IT DOSENT HURT FOR shitt) hahaha So i pricked myself again...
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    Should i Workout. Immediately right after i Have Just pricked

    Whattup Bros Starting Trenblone enathate. And Testastrone Sustanon at 250ml each a week for 12wks. I plan to take my Gear on mondays so i can work out mon-sat. Does it matter wht time of day i take it Also i wanted to know should i begin work out Immediately after the shot? I know its Tren...
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    Water Retention

    Watsup Bros i want to know what Cuases Water Retention is it Salt and Water? And how can i get Rid of it I drink allot of water During my work out. Due to feeling Massive amounts of Dehydation. Any Tips and Advice will Help Right on Thanks Bros
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    Should i Run Anti Estregens. Before after during or at all

    Im starting a 3mo cycle next monday, ive done a cycle of tren-test before but it was only short cycle. didnt get Gyno but what do you guys think? And why and how and how much or how often should i take it? Thanks Bros
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    1 year old (Tren-E) and (Test Sustanon)

    Watsup Bros. I have two Vials of Tren and Test that are year old. They were opend but have been stored in dark cool place. In saram wrap. To make a long story short. I was on a cycle but due to personal bullshitt i didnt continue So what do you guys think akoay or throw away. Im trying to...