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  1. dohcsvt

    Traveling with gear.

    Theee is a book called “3 Fellonies a day” that shows just how over reaching and disconnected our judicial system is. So yes, arrested while walking to the post office🤣🤣 Also, I note this on the day that we celebrate our “freedoms”. Too many men have died for our freedoms for beuaracrats to...
  2. dohcsvt

    Traveling with gear.

    This has triggered more discussion than I expected. I may just take the vial with me…
  3. dohcsvt

    Any one hit a nerve inj. in thigh?

    Did you ever find out if it was a nerve? I think I hit one on Wednesdays pinning. A brief moment of intense pain. Finished the injection and all was well until Friday. Now I have pain in the thigh, but it’s not so intense that I cannot work out.
  4. dohcsvt

    Traveling with gear.

    That is good to hear. Thanks for the info!
  5. dohcsvt

    Shitty news

    Will be adding you to my prayers. Best of luck and hope it turns out not being too bad.
  6. dohcsvt

    Traveling with gear.

    Yes, both times are travel by car, and the syringes will be in an atmospherically controlled environment the entire time. Thanks for the feed back.
  7. dohcsvt

    Traveling with gear.

    I am going on a long weekend road trip next weekend. I don’t want to take unnecessary stuff, packing as light as possible. Do you think there would be any issue with drawing up my Sunday dose and just taking the syringe/needle with me? If the vials were plastic, I wouldn’t even be asking, but...
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    Does this sound accurate for a cycle?

    Looking awesome!
  9. dohcsvt

    Is this gonna mess me up?

    All I want to say is Arnie is 74 years old. Average lifespan for an American male is 77, he used gear for YEARS and if he has taken time off his life… it appears to be minimal.
  10. dohcsvt

    Final leg of first cycle

    Planning a PCT. I have Nolvadex and Clomid at the ready. I have a stickied thread on here in my favorites that I have been following for this cycle including my PCT. If I remember correctly, it will be a total of three weeks worth of taking clomid and Nolvadex. A couple larger doses the first...
  11. dohcsvt

    Final leg of first cycle

    I will be opening my third and final vial of test-e this evening. Just over 8 weeks in and happy with results. From my first two vials, I expect to get 9 doses out of this and then on to PCT. I don’t intend on another cycle until late next year. I have a 10 month project coming up that I have to...
  12. dohcsvt

    Lump in chest

    I always go to the doctor for anything odd, it is just your best bet to stay safe, you only get one body and it needs taken care of.
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    I have made 5 purchases, all with bitcoin through Coinbase. Get 10% discount and payment is almost immediate. It was a pain in the ass to set up, but once it’s up and running, SUPER easy!
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    What can I really expect?

    I have gained about 22 pounds (222-242) in 8 weeks. I workout 4-5 days a week performing a total of 360 reps across 3 muscle groups plus neck, sit ups and cardio every workout. I have added almost an inch to my biceps and they started above 17 inches, so a fair amount of mass there. This is my...
  15. dohcsvt

    Almost full eight weeks before/after

    I have been running 500mg of test-e and am on my 8th week. I have been pretty pleased with results, was thinking I would gain a little more. I know part of my problem is I don’t eat as healthily as I should, but I am intaking 250 plus grams of protein each day. I also don’t get quite enough...
  16. dohcsvt

    TRT help needed

    Something that I have not noticed mentioned is that the kick is not instantaneous, it takes a few weeks to raise T levels. You should really start feeling better by week4-6, probably notice some minor changes like increased libido in weeks 2-3.
  17. dohcsvt

    Frequency of injection site rotation

    I am in my first cycle and have only used my quads, currently about 16 injections and ZERO issues. Right quad for Sunday morning and left quad for Wednesday evening. As soon as I withdraw the needle, I put my alcohol pad over the injection site, put my fist over the alcohol pad and make 100...
  18. dohcsvt

    300 test e

    From my research, as long as you stay true to a decent workout routine, you should keep most of your gains even if you’re not cruising. If you’re cruising on 300, I would expect gains to continue.
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    Cannot leave a review

    This worked. Thanks for the info.