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    Protein intake

    same here too much protein causes gastrointestinal issues for me... and not for me only. so better watch out that protein intake

    Fvck it, I'll take Accutane

    there are too many different effects that we can mention.... it affects differently. but common one is dry skin. so you're trying deca with test and eq? common cycle for bulking. with or without gear, accutane works differently for different people. hope it will go well for you

    winny,deca,anadrol, sust cycle

    You sound like someone who never used steroids before so my answer on the exact dosages: Winny, Deca, Anadrol = 0 mg. Sustanon 100 mg Mon, 100 mg Wed, 100 mg Fri (300 mg/week) for 10-12 weeks. Arimidex in case you develop high estrogen. Will also need Nolvadex and Clomid for PCT that you start...

    How shredded I had to get for 6 pack to show.

    looking awesome man! keep it up!

    Boldenone 300

    not sure if it's worth chiming in saying the same thing as these guys already told you... testosterone is a must!

    Help needed please

    agree with john. better do anavar because it's easier to understand. clenbuterol is awesome to strip off fat, but you need to learn more about it.

    Just tore my acl; sprained my knee, tore ligaments in my ankle that may require surgery, fractured my foot in several places. Will HGH help me

    it will but you need to inject it once every other day. better search for Deca (same substance) - only inject it once weekly it's very effective, actually. 1-3 IU per day is enough to be enough.

    Tren hex

    Well... Tren is fairly powerful so you should be able to feel it working even at 160 mg/week

    Cycle for cutting and increasing cardio and endurance performance help.

    that's why Tren is called cardio killer. lots of people say that while they were perfectly doing 60 minutes cardio after training, they could barely do 30 minutes cardio after training on tren.

    Intra workout

    i've heard similar things from many customers electrolytes, energy, etc. bet it makes you feel "recharged" and that's why you love it.

    Hello, Madam's and Monsters.

    As you can see... lots of members here have a similar history but doing much better now. I recommend taking their advice and you're going to do way better. we're here to help brother ;)

    1/2 vial Tren Hex / 1 vial Deca

    oh yeah be sure not everyone can. Tren A is also stable when using it daily. I just don't see how anyone can have a negative result with Tren A but a positive one with Tren E (as long as we're talking proper administration and same weekly dosage, of course)

    How much TRT for cruising?

    usually, 200 mg/week is just right to maintain gains and not allow you to feel like shit. but as already said by bobby, it's different from one another

    Hello, Madam's and Monsters.

    if you're seeing your endocrinologist for the first time and you're having low T, (s)he's likely to put you on testosterone. but usually, that level of testosterone is going to be lower than what most guys here run for their goals to gain muscle and burn fat

    Cycle for cutting and increasing cardio and endurance performance help.

    requires at least some form of testosterone + clen should be slowly upped

    Two major concerns.....

    but still try to get yourself clomid. you've been on deca which is known to severely suppress natural test production. not going through PCT, as other members said, will make you suffer...

    New Here

    Welcome to MG :)

    1/2 vial Tren Hex / 1 vial Deca

    while i agree with this you're trying to say that it's better to start with Tren E than Tren A? and I don't see how Tren A should fuck up really bad while Tren E works really well. It's either they both fuck you up, or both work. Point of using Tren A the first time you're using Trenbolone in...

    New here and just started trt

    There are some members with avatars and names that contain hints about sources. check them if you wish. Anyway, welcome to MG, pretty sure you're going to love it here ;)