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    Just tore my acl; sprained my knee, tore ligaments in my ankle that may require surgery, fractured my foot in several places. Will HGH help me

    yes it will. but considering you need it for recovery purposes, i would go for Deca because you can inject it only once a week, but with NPP you need to go every other day. yes, i've also thought about HGH. Generally, Test + Nandrolone (NPP or Deca) + HGH are pretty much the only things you...
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    Help needed please

    Hello are you on TRT? what for how long you've been using testosterone? I wouldn't use both Clen and Anavar right now because if you get side effects, you wouldn't know which one causes them. go for one at a time. and that would be Anavar. It can be 300mg/week of testosterone for 12 weeks +...
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    Need Advice for beginner

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    Old, fat, where to from here?

    gotta agree with that. orals aren't safe in the first place, but especially coupled with alcohol. if you're simply looking to burn some fat, maintain some muscle and be healthy and strong then Test + Deca sounds like a really good plan. Obviously, when you "stack" them with diet and training...
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    1/2 vial Tren Hex / 1 vial Deca

    so you're saying that he's most likely going to have a negative reaction from Acetate ester rather than a negative reaction from Trenbolone as a person who never used Trenbolone?
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    I wouldn't really recommend using anavar alone without testosterone
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    PCT Beginner help for old dude

    PCT is Post Cycle Therapy plan. This is a plan that you start when ALL steroids (including testosterone) are out of your system in order to allow your body to recover. If you continue using testosterone, there's no need for PCT. If you do start PCT, you need to stop using anavar and testosterone...
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    Endurance on eq

    Boldenone is actually popular for increasing endurance to the next level
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    D-Bol pros and cons

    it's not because it reduces fat stored in the body that it can increase muscle mass and strength... but generally.. yeah, it does it. and while it's believed it can actually reduce fat, it's not a fat burner at all...
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    1st cycle progress.... Old pictures.

    lots of guys here shared their awesome results from their very first cycle. and congrats, it seems like you had awesome results. despite the fact that it seems like you're not flexed in the first pic and it seems like you are in the second. anyway, the progress is still easy to see ;)
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    1/2 vial Tren Hex / 1 vial Deca

    don't use it. Tren is too powerful, Hexa is staying in your system for a long time. if you're trying to use Trenbolone (but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're competing), then go for Acetate. if it's 300 mg/ml 10 ml then you could try giving it a go of 300 mg/week for 10 weeks. Not really...
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    Belly fat

    wtf? they are actually some of the worst fat burning exercises. exactly! 💯
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    Muscle Gurus

    I would go for Testosterone alone. If you already did Deca, you can add a very low dosage. as said earlier - I would leave out Anadrol at your age. I imagine you don't want to grow immense muscles? even if you do, there's Dbol that is safer
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    Got a free bottle of Winstrol, Anavar, & Clomid. What now?

    Clomid is fairly pointless since you're on TRT. Winstrol is too powerful for you, keep it for further cycles. Anavar - yeah, you could start with it, but at about 20 mg/day for it to be effective. And I would recommend Anavar not with TRT dosage, but with a slightly higher dosage testosterone...
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    New Here

    awesome physique! welcome!
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    Pomp’s !!

    that's basically the difference between cruising and TRT
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    Pomp’s !!

    looking great man!
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    New here

    that's exactly what I was trying to say
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    Pomp’s !!

    Hello and welcome. glad to have professionals among us :)