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    Steroid Esters And How They Work

    <p><span style="color: #333333; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; background-color: #fafafa;">One of the most misunderstood subjects in the world of steroids is the ester--the mechanism by which injectable esterified steroids like testosterone...
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    Mrfixit needs and Education from a Guru on HGH !

    <p>Ok gentlemen, Here is the deal! Most people think that from my physique, that i have used HGH But the fact is, I have not. I have no clue about it and that is the gods honest truth. I am very careful when it comes to putting anything into my body. you may see me buying from different UGLs but...
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    Alcohol use and Steroids

    <p>I had a few drinks for the first time in a long time the other nigh and wanted to put this out there. Personally i think using alcohol and steroids is a BIG no no ! I would love to hear if anyone drinks, why they drink on AAS and do you think its detrimental to your progress? Any thought and...
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    Proviron.. Who uses it and why?

    <p>What does Proviron do for you? I'm just curious Who uses Proviron and why do you personally use it? There are so many uses for it... I'd just like some input.. I LOVE the stuff!!!</p>
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    <p>Well I brought my best package possible and It was not good enough... I have some more work to do and I wlill succeed sooner or later.. I am happy I made first call outs front and center was was beat plain and simple ... my competitors looked amazing!</p><p> </p>
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    <div class="row header"><div class="twelve columns node_top"><ul class="node_title"><li><h1 class="title">Acne treatment & prevention for steroids users</h1></li><li><h2 class="subtitle">Mrfixit<span class="stats">   •   Thu, Sep 12th, '13 08:46   •   5 replies, 597...
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    NPP or Deca for JOINT Pain

    <p>I know they are the same thing with different esters but... Is there a consensus on which one works better or maybe both work better together?</p>
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    Helpful guide to the Half Life Of Most Substances

    <p>When putting a cycle together its important to know the Half life of the substances that you are taking<br /> Here is a list of (most of them) Good luck on your Journey!</p><p>I have also added several items that were missing.. if you know of anything i missed comment below and ill</p><p>add...
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    HELP!!! How To Speed up the receptor cleaning process ?

    <p>Ok, So this may be a NOOB type question but... I dont know everything! I cycled longer than i wanted to so i could get more gains this winter,,,, So my schedule is now fucked up. I cycled 16 weeks... So the question is... How can i speed up the waiting time for my next cycle? I cant wait 16...
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    MRFIXITs 1600 Calorie diet plan

    <p>I just wanted to contribute something to MG... Alot of people asking about a diet to lose unwanted weight... This is a great diet for losing the lbs fast... I give it to my clients and they get amazing results (along with training of course) I hope it helps even 1 person... I wish i could...
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    Buckle Affliction Clothing

    Buckle Affliction Clothing <p>I know this is a stupid subject to talk about but i just spent a grand in this damn store and I only got 3 pant 3 shirts and a a pair of DC shoes...</p><p>So you young dudes probably  are "in style" ... Im an old fucker and i want to look "young" and wear the...
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    <p>My Gym now has an onsite HRT TRT MD. Draws blood on site and send them to private labs!!!</p><p>An onsite sports doctor... Wicked cool... My wife is happy cause they can do a hormone screening and finally figure out what is going on.. she is in menopause and her body chemicals are fucked...
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    <p>Hey! I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for accepting me into this community.. I see that its a tight knit band of brothers and sisters and im glad i made the move to a better place...</p><p>I dont expect to just squeeze right in, before earning the respect of the community... i will...
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    New guy!

    <p>Well hello Ladies and Gentlemen.. I  am Mrfixit.. I thought id check this site out...I have been on another board that has way too much drama for me... I was a "Guru" over there (EXP LVL) but Karma is not really a good thing....  If anyone nedds cycle advice anything like that ... hit me up...