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  1. Twizted

    Protein intake

    ALL the protein....
  2. Twizted

    Security clearance

    Awesome man. I'm just an avionics technician or i was until recently anyways. I actually just got promoted to supervisor. I'm looking to change things up as well, I'm 6 months away from my Bachelors degree in computer science.
  3. Twizted

    PCT Beginner help for old dude

    A quick question for you, is your testosterone levels low naturally? At your age it definitely wouldn't be uncommon to have low T, if it is low I would start researching the possibility of TRT so you don't have to go back to living with low T. If you have normal levels then PCT is most...
  4. Twizted

    How much TRT for cruising?

    The key to coming off cycle with as little depression as possible is to have a good PCT plan and follow it to a T. Or that's what I've heard anyway, I can't say from experience because im in this for life.
  5. Twizted

    2 weeks in, pictures and the changes ive noticed

    Looking good bro, you do remind me alot of myself with how lean you are staying.
  6. Twizted

    Security clearance

    I work in the aerospace industry as well, what do you do if you don't mind me asking? I don't stumble across ppl in this field very often
  7. Twizted

    Just tore my acl; sprained my knee, tore ligaments in my ankle that may require surgery, fractured my foot in several places. Will HGH help me

    Oh yeah for sure, if you have to choose one or the other I would 100% say hgh. I don't see them as mutually exclusive though, as long as you can afford it you should benefit from both together.
  8. Twizted

    Security clearance

    I've had several clearances over the years. The only way you will have an issue is if you leave your gear out on the table in the living room when they interview you lol. Or if one of your listed references or immediate family disclose that info when they are questioned. For the most part they...
  9. Twizted

    Just tore my acl; sprained my knee, tore ligaments in my ankle that may require surgery, fractured my foot in several places. Will HGH help me

    Cab you show me the studies that say TB-500/BPC-157 is more for endurance increases and not for recovery and regeneration? Because everything I've read explicitly states it's regeneration and recovery benefits.
  10. Twizted

    Sex drive

    Mine stays relatively high on and off cycle, I don't notice a drastic change between the two. Thankfully my wife loves sex as often if not more often than me lol.
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    How shredded I had to get for 6 pack to show.

    I got extremely lucky with my genetics. My mother and father are both borderline anorexic, moms like 5'1 and dad is about 5'5. Not sure how it happened but here I am sitting right at 6'1 with a decent muscle mass (was definitely anorexic looking for a bit though). Funny how genetics work out...
  12. Twizted

    Just tore my acl; sprained my knee, tore ligaments in my ankle that may require surgery, fractured my foot in several places. Will HGH help me

    As others have mentioned HGH will definitely help to aid in your recovery. Due to the severity of your injury I would also look into adding some peptides on too of the hgh. BPC-157 and TB-500 are the two I hear about the most in terms of recovery. I have heard they work really well together.
  13. Twizted

    Boldenone 300

    Boldenone absolutely needs to be ran with testosterone. I even have to increase my testosterone a good bit on Boldenone or else I will crash my estrogen because one of Boldenones metabolites is an AI. I couldn't imagine how shitty I'd feel on EQ alone
  14. Twizted

    Travelling without an AI

    If you are prescribed testosterone for TRT then why don't you ask your Dr to prescribe you an AI? Most have no problem with it from what I've heard.
  15. Twizted

    Two major concerns.....

    You definitely either need to PCT or continue using just testosterone only. If you don't do one of those 2 things you will absolutely regret it and not feel good at all.
  16. Twizted

    Elevated liver enzymes; questions.

    Your best bet is to just stay on your dr prescribed test dose and not add anything to it that might mess up your bloodwork. I'm sure if you do this and keep steady levels on your bloodwork your dr will extend the time between bloodwork and then you can experiment 😉
  17. Twizted

    Intra workout

    I haven't ever really used intraworkout drinks, if I start feeling overly fatigued I usually just grab a Gatorade. I also load up pretty heavy on carbs pre-workout which I think really helps keep me going. Lots of ppl swear intraworkout supplements really help, I just haven't really felt the...
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    Deca or eq?

    I thought HGH was basically the same as MK-677 in terms of fasting glucose? That's why it's best to take something like metformin if you are going to be taking larger doses of either one.
  19. Twizted

    Deca or eq?

    I started at 140, 6ft 140 ugh
  20. Twizted

    Deca or eq?

    Best reply to that question ever