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    Nice to meet ya!
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    Tren ace

    I usually do 300mg tren a week. Actually doing a cycle now w/test, tren, & mast. This amount of tren seems perfect for me. Great results with least side effects. I’m a pretty amped up guy naturally, but also level-headed & easy going. So I have been told over the years. It does make me run at a...
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    Changing dosages and compounds.

    Best results Least amount of sides
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    Changing dosages and compounds.

    Test & mast is my go to
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    Just ordered me some. Thanks!!!
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    Changing dosages and compounds.

    My wife says she loves it when I run tren. Says it makes me act Lovey Dovey & more caring toward her. Idk, but I know it makes my sex drive go through the roof compared to other gear. I would also like y’all’s thoughts on deca like bobby ricky. I have never really ran it other than adding small...
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    Changing dosages and compounds.

    Back when I was in the mix. Before I had wife & 3 kids I knew a guy that ran tren pretty much all the time. He was a beast, but a little mentally unstable in my opinion. Believe that was just how he was, but I’m sure the tren didn’t help. His mental state anyways. My experience with it isn’t so...
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    I take Milk Thistle, but what’s the best liver support you guys take?
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    Hey y’all

    Glad to meet ya, bro!!
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    First Cycle thoughts

    Great info!
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    Patchy beard?

    I’m in the same boat, brother! Blonde headed & blue eyed so really never had much facial or body hair until I was in my 30’s. When it did come in on my face it was patchy as hell. I’m in my 40’s now and has gotten somewhat better, but still have areas on my cheeks that doesn’t grow like the...
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    I would like you guys opinions on winstrol Pill or Injectable?? I have ran both over the years, but it’s been awhile. Remember last time I injected the pip was rough.
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    Keep us posted!! I’m with GainzBandit with wanting to see the outcome
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    Newby to the forum

    Good evening, brother! This is the only forum I have ever been apart of and have always had any & all questions answered by the experienced guys on here. Not only answered, but first hand experiences shared. Sure you will find it just as beneficial as I have
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    TRT question

    Just my experience, but I produced a babe on my trt 200mg test cyp a week
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    I am early 40’s and have ran gear off & on for the past 20 years or so. Test, mast, tren, winny, etc. Researched it here and there through the years, but…. Recently been thinking I may give it a try and would love to get some feed back from experienced users. Dosage, length of cycle, side...
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    Sweet smell on tren

    I 100% agree with Loren. By far my favorite. Haven’t ran in awhile, though. Last I got came very cloudy and one had crystals floating around. Tried shaking & heating up, but no change. Seemed very suspect so did not proceed. It does make me sweat like crazy. Have to carry multiple shirts to work...
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    Thanks. Been sitting on it for awhile and haven’t really ran into anyone that has first person knowledge on it.
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    I was wondering what your guys views are on Halotestin. Never tried myself, but was told to run at the end of a cycle. Also was told that it can make you have a short fuse. Any thoughts
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    new to this site

    Eager to here your insight moving forward!!