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  1. Pedrito0906

    Brewing test at home

    Noe, but I think that's a good way of getting an infection due to not being properly sterile.
  2. Pedrito0906

    Cycle Advice for Minimal Acne Sides

    I'm using Npp 600mg/w and Test 700mg/w and I've been injecting EOD and that has really helped me a lot with acne. I get maybe 3 on my face and a couple on my back. When I was injecting every 3 days npp was really kicking my ass with acne.
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    5 weeks of cruising, ready to start next blast, labs shown

    No, I'm thinking Anadrol for the first 4 weeks.
  4. Pedrito0906

    5 weeks of cruising, ready to start next blast, labs shown

    So it's been 5 weeks of cruising. I'm donating blood while typing this. I'm thinking NPP 600mg/w & Test 700mg/w for 12 weeks, and Anadrol 50mg/d for 4 weeks. While taking Taurine, Fish Oil, Cycle Support & Vitamins. Any thoughts Browskies?
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    Talking about this mine is at 55. Should I bother with Adex? If I feel emotional that's a symptom right?
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    Anavar Cycle...

    Bro that's high as fuck. This pic is 6 weeks of me using Dbol, Test, Eq and NPP. I was taking a ton of liver support, that's another thing you need asap. We all are gym rats equally or more than you and we don't have those high levels.
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    Patchy beard?

    Genetics: Doesn't give you a full beard, but here take an ass full of hair.
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    What @GainzBandit said
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    New To Site Need Help

    Gear is not magic to lose weight, you still need to eet right, sleep and train. If you're over 27 and have had a good discipline in the gym previously you can do a 16 weeks cycle of Test C/E, 300mg/w. Keep in mind you'll need a post cycle therapy (PCT) because it will stop your normal...
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    You can get test in creams, pallets, but the best way is injections cause its quicker and you can control the dose better.
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    Q's & A's

    I've used Beligas, Odin and Ultima, for some reason I get no PIP with Ultima
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    Low sex drive on 2nd cycle

    Are you getting good quality sleep? That usually kills my sex drive.
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    First time running Primobolan need help

    I don't understand the question. If you're using a 10mL syringe it is a 10mL syringe. Get a 3mL syringe and get on YouTube to learn how to read them properly.
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    TRT question

    Lol that's my plan but not now, I gotta get my notch count up without having unwanted children. I'm competing against @GainzBandit
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    TRT question

    Lets go boiiiii!!!!! When I was on TRT my FSH hormone that has to do with fertility the levels were 0.7 from a range 1.6 - 8.0, but the Dr told me that I could get someone pregnant, so since I don't have kids, of course I did the right thing and got snipped.
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    First time running Primobolan need help

    The calculation is as follows. - A particular vial of test has a concentration or density which is the mass/volume of 250 mg/mL - A vial (not all of them) has a volume of 10mL - So for every mL (or CC) of test has 250mg of mass Therefore the total concentration of mass in mg is equal to...
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    Adding metformin while on test EQ and deca

    The lipids were like that cause of the orals something that was expected by the end of the orals, also search the myth of the ldl cholesterol. My blood was okay and I didn't drink water before going. But hey you do you
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    Cruising away

    Holy fvck!
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    Cruising away

    What's the secret to have a bicep like that?
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    Dbol, Anadrol, Superdrol for my next cycle?

    Well I have HBP from my mom, so instead of taking half a pill, I'll have to take a whole one 🤣🤣🤣 I read that same thing happened with dbol, but it didn't happened to me, maybe cause my BP was under control daily