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    Steroid Cycle phone app

    Hey guys, I found this cool app on Andriod play store! Map out your cycle w/ ease! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
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    Know your oils

    Found this lovely chart online!
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    Deca solo!! No TEST

    I know... I know... Before you scream crazy at me! I'm just the messanger not the culprit! look at this case study from "ANABOLIC DOC" below & links! I may give it a try though!
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    Ameen Alai pill protocol

    Ok, so for those who havent heard of this gentleman hes very much been a behind the scenes type "guru" aka " The Mad Scientist" in the bodybuilding industry. He's very knowledgable & worked with Craig Titus, King Kamali, Don Long, Tony Freeman, and dozens of other guys whom you would recognize...
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    Moose is loose!

    Deca, Test, Dbol! Keep it simple Folks. Getting back into it after a few years off of no training! 47 years old! Muscle memory & I remember what worked for me years ago. 172 pounds on the left; 3 months later 212 pounds! Currently 225 & bigger!
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    SubQ TRT

    Has anyone here tried the SubQ technique for TRT? Let me know!!! BASICLY... Instead of doing 100mg a week in one shot you would do 5 × 20mg shots w/ an insulin pin! Ehhh... Seems like a lot of micro dose pinning. Below are some studies:
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    Staying off steroids between cycles

    We all know that coming off steroids can mess with your mind in many ways. I want to just get into my story. Basicly, I blasted and cruised for 3 years & decided to take a break. I did a good PCT, but after being on for sooo long my body was a little screwd up. When I did my blood work many of...
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    "Winter Tried & True Cycle"

    What's up MG family!!! I've been clean for over 8 months and my receptors and body(blood work ok) are ready for a nice light cycle! I work construction soo I hate juicing in the Summer anyway! I'm in my late 40's now and I don't juice heavy like I used too, but know what works for me. I was 19...
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    1963 Chargers(Whole team on dbol)

    Hey guys, I found this old article about the 63 San Diego Chargers! They went from last to first in one year. Guess how? DBOL. :0)
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    Alternating Orals for receptor confusion

    Hey Guys, Was thinking about trying something unorthodox this year & wondered if anyone has ever done this theory! I have some Dbol orals, Anavar Orals, & Winny orals. All are 50mg each pills! Was planning on alternating pills on a daily basis like this! (Will split the daily doses evenly...
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    Lantus Solostar insulin

    Hey Guys, I just picked up a bunch of Lantus Solstar pens 24 hour(basal)time release insulin! Supposably it's the safest insulin to use & doesn't cause crashes! Anybody on here using it in their protocal? You can only get it by prescription unlike other insulins & it costs much more than the...
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    Methandriol Dipropionate question?

    <p>Hello everyone! A friend of mine who has been taking juice since the 1980's & has done every combination of steroids, HGH. Tells me that methandriol dipropionate is the best stacking roid he ever took repeatedly. All the research I've done says it aromatizes easy & is not that great on paper...
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    Newbie alert!

    <p>Hello everyone, </p><p> It's the only workout/muscle forum I'm registered on. haha. Trying to get back into it; been working out & a little PED's for most of my life. I never want to fall off again.... Did'nt walk into a gym for years & now coming back strong. Lots of great information here &...