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  1. Maniac1130

    Customs Question

    This may seem like a stupid question however, due to recent events I received a letter from US customs saying that my package was being held by them as it's illegal to import 'steroids'. My question is, if my package only contains bac water, why are they saying it's considered a 'steroid' and is...
  2. Maniac1130

    HCG Article

    Hey guys, here's an article I found on HCG. It has needle sizes for mixing and injecting. Also, it has info on different locations to inject both subQ and intra. Hope this helps anyone. Maniac1130
  3. Maniac1130

    Let's Talk Diets!

    We all know how important our food intake is to achieve our goals in the fitness world. But let's be honest for a second: this is one of the toughest aspects of the game. Whether you're trying to increase your size/weight or decrease it, you know how tough it can be. It's time consuming. It...
  4. Maniac1130

    Question about HCG

    Just got my vial in today. It came in a tiny vial with hardened powder. Am I supposed to be mixing this stuff with something else? Please explain the process if you can. Thanks!
  5. Maniac1130

    Pinning question

    Hey guys, I pinned my usual this morning but something odd happened that I haven't ever experienced before...I usually pin left glutes on Thursday's but today after I pulled the pin, I had some blood run down my cheek. I also noticed in the blue tip of my pin there was a little blood as well...
  6. Maniac1130

    Need a gym partner

    Anyone here from Upstate NY? I need a gym partner bad!
  7. Maniac1130

    Results From Blood Work

    First, I would like say that I am really enjoying the new blue look to Muscle Gurus. Looks great, guys! Went to the Dr.'s yesterday and my NP read me the results of my blood work. There were 2 different Test levels that she checked and if I remember correctly it looked like this: Normal range...
  8. Maniac1130

    How To Get Your Testes Back To Normal Size

    Like the title is asking, what should I use to get my testes to go back to normal size and how should I dose/take it?
  9. Maniac1130

    Question About Winstrol

    If I am taking 30mg of oral winstrol (20mg in the morning and 10mg at night) how long before it starts to kick in? I started taking it on Monday and I am still not feeling anything. So I am going to ask you guys first before increasing my dosage.
  10. Maniac1130

    How Did You First Get Introduced To The Gym?

    Background: I was in 6th and that one kid who always had 6-pack abs got a weight bench for Xmas. I thought to myself "a weight bench, what the heck is that?". So the following year I asked for a weight bench for Xmas. Funny thing was, this weight bench sat in my room for a few years collecting...
  11. Maniac1130

    Question about HGH

    So I was under the impression that when males are around the age of 25 (of course this will probably vary from person-to-person) that their growth plates fuse so HGH can't technically make one taller. I am a 34 y/o male and my friend seems to think that HGH will still have an affect on my height...
  12. Maniac1130

    New To This Amazing Site. Excited To Be A Part Of Something This Great!

    Hey guys and gals Maniac1130 here. I have to say that I am LOVING this site so far. I have been scowering the threads day and night for the past week and a few days ago decided to create an account. Glad I did! I have already posted a few threads before my introduction, mainly due to my...
  13. Maniac1130

    Future Cycle Planning, Help with Dosing

    Hey guys, I am trying to plan ahead on my cycles and have my first cycle mapped out. Now, I am working on my 2nd cycle and need some help with dosing. My question is, when running an oral to 'kick-start' a cycle how would you dose a cycle of Winstrol? For my second cycle I plan on running a 10...
  14. Maniac1130

    First Cycle In Many Years Looking For Feedback

    Hey guys, This site is amazing, I wish I knew about it years ago when I was in my twenties! I have used gear in the past but I was not nearly as equipped knowledgeably as I am now (thanks to the forums here and all you experienced members, cheers!). Basically, I was young, dumb, and full of...