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    Legit HGH source

    Here you can find what you are looking for. you just have to look around. ;)
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    5x GENOTROPIN 36IU : 820 USD 5x HUMATROPE 72IU : 1,460 USD 5x NORDITROPIN 45 IU : 1,070 USD Our Express Courier service applies to HGH only ! (FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS) Shipping fee is only 50 USD !! Also, 10% Bitcoin discount and Promo Discount apply !! If you want, you can also contact us for...
  3. HGHDaddy Customer Discussions Hello, MG Members We are an international source for the best pharma grade products whose names are very well known and don’t require much presentation. No one will ever be kept waiting. For ones who wants to have instant reply can contact us through Whatsapp and Wickr. We answer...
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    Greetings from HGHDaddy!

    Greetings to all MG members This is HGHDaddy. We are an international source on I am new on MG. This is our first experience with the forums. What is the most important thing about us? We do what we say and we say what we do I would be glad to answer for any questions or cocerns...