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  1. bobby ricky


    My dbol just arrived and very excited. I know everyone is not going to agree with what I’m doing and I’m ok with that. All opinions welcome. 800 mgs of testosterone cyp 500 mgs npp Is what I’m on right now. I was thinking about taking 20 mgs 2 hours before working out as A pre workout.
  2. bobby ricky

    Upping testosterone levels

    If you’re on A cycle and you’re results have slowed, If you up your dose how long to feel the effects of the new dose? Testosterone cyp.
  3. bobby ricky

    Npp dose

    Wanting to know if 400 wk of npp is A good dose or is it A small dose. Stats are 230 lbs with nice abs, diet on point and training on point.
  4. bobby ricky

    Ai dose

    I’m on 800 test cyp and 400 npp per week used to take adex half pill when sock line gets puffy. Now went to 1/2 pill per day and dryer but joints crack A little. Is my ai too much?
  5. bobby ricky

    What’s next

    Using 600 testosterone per week and 300 npp per week for 12 weeks. At twelve weeks I would like to drop the npp but keep the testosterone. What do you guys think would be good to jump to ? Testosterone 600 and dbol for8 weeks? Testosterone 600 and eq at 600 also? Don’t want A break and never...
  6. bobby ricky

    Npp gyno

    I’ve read so many things about npp gyno and want your guys opinions. I’m at 300 mg npp per week and 600 testosterone per week. Im on my 6th week and making nice progress. I’m getting leaner as im putting on lean mass not bloat and my vascularity is coming in nice. My side’s are two or three zits...
  7. bobby ricky

    First time using npp

    I’m on my first cycle of npp and testosterone. 600 testosterone and 300 npp per week. On 6th week and putting on muscle and abs are coming to the surface. Want some advice from the more experienced guys out there. I would like to bump up the npp to the end and was wondering what you guys might...
  8. bobby ricky

    D bol

    What do you guy’s think about 20 mgs d bol per day pre workout?
  9. bobby ricky

    No carbs

    What do you guys think about the carnivore diet?
  10. bobby ricky


    When you come off cycle and go back to your trt dose do you keep all your gains? No pct because im 50.
  11. bobby ricky

    Will gains be lost

    Im on a journey of 20 weeks of testosterone only cycle . My question is when i go back to my 200 mgs a week after my cycle will I retain all gains? No pct so no drop in testosterone except going to trt dose . Just wondering what ro expect. I know the bloat will go so i hope I will look a little...
  12. bobby ricky

    Controlling estrogen

    I’m taking 400 mgs of testosterone per week and taking my ai at 1 mg per week. My libido is great but my erection is suffering. My question is more ai? Can you take to much of a ai? Is there a risk of crashing your estrogen?
  13. bobby ricky

    Training voume

    Im training on a low testosterone cycle and have some questions. Some days i hit it lighter in the 20 rep range and sometimes heavy in the 7-10 rep range. I push every set to failure and my last sets i push till i want to puke. Is this correct or should I lay off the failure on every set? Im so...
  14. bobby ricky


    I am On my 4 th week of a 12 week test only cycle. test cyp is my ester that im using. I break my dose in 2 every week. Im only going to 400 a week and that will be my max on my first cycle. The way im taking it is in small increases. example week 1-260 2-260 3-320 4-320 And work my way up to...
  15. bobby ricky

    How to eat on cycle

    Im 50 and doing my first testosterone only cycle. Im currently on my 4 th week of a 12 week currently on 320 mgs of cyp cut in half and pined twice a week. Should i eat to gain muscle or try to eat less and loose some fat while i gain muscle. I eat clean 6 days a week then on last day...
  16. bobby ricky

    Blood pressure

    Just starting cycle and looking for advice. My bp is always about 120 over 80. Im running a testosterone only cycle for 12 weeks . Might top out at 400 mgs a week. Should I expect a bp increase? If so is there a limit that I should watch for and try to stay under? any help would be appreciated.
  17. bobby ricky

    Water retention

    Is it normal to hold water on only 280 mgs a week of testosterone cyp ?
  18. bobby ricky


    I’m three weeks into my anavar cycle and I feel hot flashes. Feel great just get hot . Wake up in middle of night on fire and have to take covers off to go back to sleep. Only 240 mgs testosterone cyp every week and only 20mgs of anavar a day . Is getting hot part of the deal with anavar?
  19. bobby ricky

    New guy

    I’m 50 yrs old 6.3 220 lbs and built like a basketball player. I’m on doctor prescribed trt at 200 mgs a week. what do you guys think would work as a baby blast. want to e lean and cut.