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  1. HulkSmashShan

    Nutrition help for the second best amateur fighter in the nation

    Ok MG family my nephew is 19 years old. He is the number two amateur boxer in the nation at 185lbs. He is going to the Olympic trials in August. He asked me to help him put together a nutrition plan. He is crashing in the gym, having bad sleep problems. I do not wish to add weight to him nor...
  2. HulkSmashShan

    Tren Hex anyone?

    Anyone have any experience on Tren hex? If so how would you compare it to tren ace and tren e? I have already researched it and understand the compound. Was just seeing if anyone has ran it and what you would rate it as to the other two tren esters.
  3. HulkSmashShan

    Severe shin and other bone aches on arimidex.

    Hey guys I have implemented anastrozol at half a mg a day. I'm running 50mg of Dbol daily and approx 750mg to 1k mg of Sustanon weekly. Since adding the Dex when I play basketball or run my shins feel like they did when I played bball in highschool and went on 4 miles runs. I have shin splints...
  4. HulkSmashShan


    Okay so I got my bloodwork results back from two days ago and this is what the doc called to tell me. "You're white blood cell count is elevated. I want you to come back again in 3 months for another workup. All of your other stuff looks amazing as far as your platelets and cholesterol and...
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    Hope you are all having a great Thursday! I'm going to be getting blood drawn and a complete workup with results Tuesday. My question is will I get the results that day usually? Also was hoping that some of the regulars here would help me with the readout. Will post it as soon as I get the results.
  6. HulkSmashShan

    Third week of Clenbuterol! It's working!

    Okay so after 3 weeks of Clenbuterol and upping the dose to 80mg I am starting to see changes! I'm very happy with the results so far.... Far from my goals and destination but definitely on the right path! Best thing is that I have not lost a pound!
  7. HulkSmashShan

    Weight loss diet

    My wife has been on 20 mcg of clen and 25mg anavar a day now for the past 3 weeks. She is having zero sides and she goes to the gym w me 5 times a week. She is hardening up and coming along wonderfully as far as her arms thighs and butt. She has some stubborn fat that she is having trouble...
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    Hey guys my wife as you prob know has been doing anavar for 21 days . She takes 25 mg a day 12.5 morning and 12.5 night. It is from Odin. Now here is my question. First off it did not come with the box as it usually does. Second off all the tablets are different. Some are pink some are white...
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    Can someone tell me the benefits of SARMS? Which are the most effective in your opinion? What would be a good SARMS cycle to start and run with Dbol and Sustanon.
  10. HulkSmashShan

    Supra test (Sustanon 500)

    I'm starting that supra test 500mg Sustanon this week. I'm gonna hit 750mg I think. What y'all think? Oh btw that will be Sustanon and proviron only. Well with clen but that doesn't really count
  11. HulkSmashShan

    Rock hard injection sites!?!?

    Hey guys I have been pinning some ripped mix that I recently got approx a week ago. My injection sites in my thighs and rear are rock hard solid. It is to be noted that I was already doing some other gear in these exact same spots with no complications whatsoever. I'm thinking about ditching the...
  12. HulkSmashShan

    Primobolon anyone?

    Hey guys I am looking considerably at primobolon. It seems that it is very effective in a slowly but surely way and has very little down side as far as side effects. Can any of you out there give me first hand advice on it. As always guys thanks and Keep pushing!
  13. HulkSmashShan

    Drop your favorite test ester and brand.

    Hey guys let me know your favorite preferred brand and ester of test. Thanks 👍👍👍
  14. HulkSmashShan

    Kind of an akward post 🤭

    Hey fellas, dumb question real quick, Is there any type of proven theory of sex and too many busted nutts leading to a decrease in test levels? I mean this twice a day shit is getting a little out of hand for this aging guy lol. My wife is not defiant bc she thinks if she is the one giving it...
  15. HulkSmashShan

    Clen, Cytomel, Anavar, or just more cardio 😂

    In all seriousness fellas what is your opinion as to burn that ugly body fat off and get that harder look going? Please state some of your experiences personally with any of the stated supps. Whether it be with one or all of them. Keep it pushing guys and have a great day!
  16. HulkSmashShan

    Anavar, Sustanon, tren e,

    Hey guys I have been pinning Sustanon and tren e with Winnie, I am abt to convert off the Sustanon to test cyp and tren a, with anavar. Any suggestions on the anavar dosage? From what I have read it looks like abt 50mg a day split into two doses(25 morning 25 night). I'm thinking 50 morning 50...
  17. HulkSmashShan

    Hey guys nice so happy to be here! Literally.... I am a 41 y.o. father of 2 and husband of 1 perfect lady. I am trying to get back into shape please

    Howdy everyone as your read in the title I am a 41 yo make who is looking to get some gains. I am a survivor of a decade long heroin addiction. My addiction started the same way many others did or has. I was in a life changing car wreck that obliterated my spine at L5s1 and resulted in sciatica...