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    Estrogen inhibitors

    why would you use multiple versions? there's no point. also, why do you need estrogen blockers at all? do you have high E2? as for the liquids - not sure, never did liquids can't say how effective they are

    Leaving gear in your barrel?

    you'll be fine when everything is done properly. storage, sterilization etc. no worries

    Should I be bulking during my first cycle to gain muscle?

    exactly. you won't only be likely disappointed, but you can damage your health meaninglessly cholesterol, liver, kidneys will all suffer

    Happy to have Joined

    that's i recommend customers to get pills instead. you can use MK677 during th ecycle or during PCT or even both. but yeah, pay attention to the hunger part.

    Massive confusion for first cycle

    That's actually very true. You've both changed a lot! awesome transformations! 100% true. many people actually start a cycle because they think they could use gear and get the dream physique without dieting. Something like "isn't that what's gear for?" LOL

    Low dose short ostarine cycle + finasteride, looking for feedback

    what you said is true. but this guy was also asking about ostarine too, which, in theory, can speed up hair loss PS: that's an old topic you brought to life, lol

    Tren 😍😍

    insomnia and night sweats can actually disappear to. libido and sex drive can't disappear on their own because they are hormone related. All the rest are hormone related too, but not as much as libido and sex drive. as for the hunger part - we're all different. some people do not experience...

    Summer blast

    yeah, it does, but so would the side effects. 1200 mg is already plenty. attempt adding other steroids instead. wtf are you talking about? no, you're not. Have blood work to see where you're at and make sure you're healthy. otherwise, let them fuckers talk. maybe, but you should do it...

    Massive confusion for first cycle

    many beginners make the mistake that steroids will make them bodybuilders almost immediately. no, they won't. you can't accidentally become a bodybuilder in no way! why would it? no worries man! was about to say what I think about it but I would just repeat what @GainzBandit said so not sure...

    Tight... or loose?

    go straight for the 8 pack? :D

    9 months change... This shit is crazy!

    It's not as effective as actual anti-estrogens. somewhat helpful, but don't confuse it with actual AIs can be worth a try

    Tight... or loose?

    most people barely reach 400-500 reps per workout. great bro! only? 2 parts is actually enough :D

    Tren 😍😍

    that's actually pretty common with all other steroids. it's just that we actually feel this effect on Tren because it is more powerful. and a simple answer is: the body simply adjusts to its effects

    Figuring dosage

    500/300= 1.66ml / 2 = 0.833ml per injection twice a week.

    Test Prop / Mast Prop

    yeah, you can that's exactly the way it helps enhance the efficacy of test it does actually have some anti-estrogen effects. but not anything too bad. it's not an actual anti-estrogen

    Summer blast

    I would say 300-500 mg/week. what's your T level at that dosage? maybe you could decrease T a bit?

    Advice about deca/enanthate cycle

    4 +3 = 7 many of it could be water retention that you would get rid of after the cycle. moreover, how do you know so accurately that you gained 4 kg of muscle and 3 of fat? also, needless to mention that it also greatly depends on your diet.. none of these will help you boost natural T levels...

    First Post, just joined, new to all of this

    steroids means synthetic hormones (same hormones as in your body but made in a laboratory) Testosterone is also a hormone so steroids contain testosterone and numerous other compounds. you need to get over your needles fear if you want to use steroids because steroids will suppress natural T...

    Dht enathate

    what's a DHT enanthate? I've never heard of dihydrotestosterone enanthate. One of the purest DHT steroid is proviron, but it's not injectable

    Orbis labs pro gain

    never heard of it...