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  1. Lee.the.Human

    Guide me!!!!

    Thanks for asking the question. Now, if anyone googles that same question, there's an answer.
  2. Lee.the.Human

    cycle question

    Sust blends have Decanoate, that's very heavy ester, but also propionate which is very short and will absorb fast. Your tren has acetate and hex, the longest and shortest. And enth, sat in the middle. Both your blends have short and long esters, so you'll get a quick hit and sustained...
  3. Lee.the.Human

    cycle question

    Both those blends have short esters so levels will start to climb rapidly after administration. Just bought some Tri-Tren 150 myself, using it along side Superbol 450 and T500.
  4. Lee.the.Human

    1.5 year difference

    Excellent work, you look like a different person. God bless steroids. Keep an eye on that nipple, don't let gyno take root.
  5. Lee.the.Human


    Welcome. What are your goals and experience with anabolics?
  6. Lee.the.Human

    Help cutting up

    If I knew orals would get my insides all fucked up. I would just inject myself with more steroids. 👍
  7. Lee.the.Human

    Libido, sex every day getting boring

    If I'm on tren I won't use tamoxifen without caber, I can't remember the chemical explanation but it made sense when I read it. At best the serm won't work, at worst it can exacerbate growth of breast. Your experience could vary. I can't remember my source on that but it helped me when I...
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    Sore nipples

    Yeah you need to lower your E2 with arimadex if you have it. But you should also probably see a doc. Bad luck though dude, gear affects everyone differently. But Tren is just about the most androgenic compound for sale in most shops, its a hell of a drug. Far from safe to use, to some the...
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    Good to be back

    Welcome, fuck cardio. I do zero cardio and I'm around the 7-8% mark. Gear that induces lipolysis like Tren, Winstrol and Anavar would help alongside the Test. And Masteron would help too, good for conditioning as you lean up and helps with maintaining a healthy libido and positive mental...
  10. Lee.the.Human

    I just injected 1 IU HGH into each side of my penis (2 IU total) AMA

    "Simulates natural production if inject directly into balls and won't cause shutdown." - Niel DeGrasse Tyson
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    Most everyone here is from where?

    His son has picked up where he left off I heard. Does he run the Zoo now? You guys getting HRH King Charles on any of your money?
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    Most everyone here is from where?

    He wasn't in Neighbours. Neighbours is just very popular in England. So was Steve Irwin, he was a fucking legend. I think you guys had to introduce a law or something about not holding a baby while feeding crocodiles cause everyone went mad from him being in enclosures with his infant son...
  13. Lee.the.Human

    Clen 1st cycle

    Don't take 💯. I don't have personal experience but I know that's a bad idea, you'll be shaking like a shitting dog. I've always opted for just taking more steroids, probably safer imo.
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    Most everyone here is from where?

    What are you're thoughts on Steve Irwin? And do you watch Neighbours?
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    Yeah Decanoate is one of the longer esters. Using caber on deca is not necessary, your dick and libido will die. Also until you exceed 300mg test a week an AI is probs not needed. Aromasin is a suicidal AI, it bonds to aromatase and kills it. If you crash E2 with it it takes longer than...
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    New account. Fresh start

    Start a little lower, masteron can crash estrogen levels, which is bad. Work your way up to a dose.
  17. Lee.the.Human

    New account. Fresh start

    It happens mate, it'll get right. 3:2 is a common ratio. I use 5:3, that's my sweet spot. I'd start lower and work your way up because of how long deca stays in your system, attempting to taper it down if it gives you ED would take time. I'd heavily recommend getting some masteron or...
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    If only there was someone on here who knew about ask about it. They would be a good  source of information, im sure.
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    Estrogen blockers

    I use buttocks only, even bad injection pain is manageable when it's your butt. Bad pip in your leg or shoulder can disrupt your training. I take 2ml in each cheek every other day. 1 ml of that is superbol 450 and barely causes discomfort. If you have trouble turning round to inject butt...