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  1. suppsforlife

    What's your winter bulk?

    he's a secret deadlift lover, just don't want to tell us
  2. suppsforlife

    iron problem?

    check for any other health issues. it is very strange you have low ferritin at high iron levels. usually, low ferritin indicates low iron levels. such as gastrointestinal issues
  3. suppsforlife

    help with my cycle

    agreed here. you take a lot of different compounds, all at the same time, without having any idea how each of them works for you. you just started steroids but you use serious cycles... and that's without PCT or TRT... there could be a lot of things that can contribute to you feeling like that...
  4. suppsforlife

    What's your winter bulk?

    no, no, 110 for a deadlift isn't much at all. especially for someone like you who trains hard. i mean.. c'mon, you bench press more than that
  5. suppsforlife

    iron problem?

    doc prescribed? if so, have you asked his opinion?
  6. suppsforlife

    iron problem?

    checked blood pressure? are you running anything?
  7. suppsforlife

    Ive been taking steroids

    the tan made a huge difference! you seem bigger! awesome results @Lee.the.Demi.Human as usual 👏
  8. suppsforlife

    What's your winter bulk?

    you can actually start with super low. like first set of 10-20 reps of... like 110 lb. see how it feels. Then add depending on how you feel to the next 2-4 sets. assess the way it feels the next couple of days too after deadlifting.
  9. suppsforlife

    Ive been taking steroids

    low T? diagnosed?
  10. suppsforlife

    What's your winter bulk?

    no need to give up on them. just don't go heavy, and make sure to have a very good form. do not go too low either.
  11. suppsforlife

    Blue top hgh

    in case your kit is 10 IU/vial and your water is 10 ml, then 1 ml = 1 IU after reconstitution.
  12. suppsforlife

    Finasteride and it's effects on muscle building

    @litewait have you noticed strength loss? that's what most people report
  13. suppsforlife

    What's your winter bulk?

    prepare for those lower back pumps that are likely to be painful, lol
  14. suppsforlife

    Ive been taking steroids

    fuck, that's horrible. he's been juicing too?
  15. suppsforlife

    Break up very depressed

    bet you're feeling free? and somewhat better
  16. suppsforlife

    Looking for some guidance

    do you continue to lose weight? remember that the results greatly halt as you progress
  17. suppsforlife

    Hi everyone: Need advice on TRT (Female)

    well... 15 mg/week is a dosage that will unlikely make any noticeable changes.
  18. suppsforlife

    I mean... damn!!!

    i've seen some recent videos suggesting he started to change his diet to a healthier one
  19. suppsforlife

    New to the site

    that is true about most things. people develop allergies over the years... not to mention how the body reacts to certain stuff
  20. suppsforlife

    Joined and lurked for a while and finally deciding to post something

    you can brother! have no doubt! you've already come a long journey!