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    A friendly introduction 💪

    not all heroes wear capes:sneaky:

    Status Labs

    we're all asymmetrical. my left leg is bigger than my right. no joke. although i always train both equally. never had any injuries whatsoever

    Nick Walker

    Nick's popularity is due to his bulkiness. some love it, others don't. but we can't deny that he's a hard working monster!

    Hi everyone.

    we're all here searching for a better ding dong. lol welcome

    35 year old Texan - Digital Nomad - not my first cycle or rodeo but now worries - Test by prescripti

    may give it a try, but i'm not sure if it would really help him


    welcome to MG!

    A friendly introduction 💪

    make sure not to reach out the marshmallows :ROFLMAO:

    Loss of libido and ed update

    not only estrogen. estrogen testosterone free testosterone lh fsh prolactin all are important

    35 year old Texan - Digital Nomad - not my first cycle or rodeo but now worries - Test by prescripti

    you could try enanthate instead of cypionate, but there's going to be little to no difference, especially in terms of your mood. what you need to make sure of is that you keep stable levels in your blood and the correct weekly dosage. anavar or ostarine will have more effects on your mood than...

    Loss of libido and ed update

    if I'd have to guess, out of 100 %, more than 60-70% would say it's the other way around. you're special ;) I would recommend having bloodwork now that everything is working fine, then have bloodwork again if the problem returns

    A friendly introduction 💪

    lots of people nowadays are addicted to fast food, but they do not even realize it. for most, you are just getting addicted to nicotine, alcohol or drugs, without even realizing they have a stronger addiction to sugar, lol

    test /deca cycle

    when the weight doesn't move but you can visually see the fat disappearing - that's just a dream come true. It means that the weight of the fat is now in weight of lean muscle!

    Tattoos and bodybuilding

    i've discussed with a tattoo artist and he said that after care is actually very important (such as washing it thoroughly). he showed me what happens to people who do not (such as skin flaking over the tat, ruining it)

    From fat to In shape in 22 months, 2 cycles.

    as if there are two different people! congrats bro! don't forget - steroids are evil :ROFLMAO:

    test /deca cycle

    this proves how different we all are. I've seen many saying that they are not responding well to higher Deca dosage, but it does seem to be the other way around too 100% correct!

    Understand PIP and what to do to reduce it

    I would switch from Test E to Test C, and go for the concentration of 200 mg up to 250 mg/ml. Inject slowly, (two different needles for drawing and injecting), with the injection needle of 26g.

    A friendly introduction 💪

    awesome progress man! it's easy to see you've gone a long way. congrats! BTW, I don't think that's 20 lbs of lean muscle, I would say that it is at least twice as much. what was your weight when taking these pics?

    Hello New Here

    not even sure if there's anything else that I can add. you'll get a lot of help here @JA368 as you already can notice. if you need anything else, we are here to help ;)

    Plz if your under 25 think hard before juicing

    as with almost anything else when talking about teens, lack of knowledge, expertise and skills is what leads to this. That's why I always recommend beginners, especially younger ones, to start learning and researching. Often we can't stop them from doing stupid things. But they could stop...

    Help please.. 4 week done Dbol, very low gain problem.

    it's wrong that you started with Dianabol. Dianabol shouldn't be used as a main compound but as a "bonus" to your main compound - testosterone. Test injections often provide better results, and you feel significantly better, while they are definitely safer. Moreover, how do you know you should...