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    Can you pin Mast with Tren in same barrel?

    Can you mix Tren E with Mast P in same barrel?
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    Prep Stack Thoughts

    Hey all. This is what I’m running 8 weeks leading up to contest. Thoughts Currently on: Sust - 750mg pw EQ - 400mg pw Tren A - 300mg pw Anadrol 75mg ed Next 8 weeks Test - 300mg pw (will change to prop last 4 weeks) Tren E - 300mg pw Mast P - 400mg pw EQ - 400mg pw Clen (last 6 weeks) T3...
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    HGH and Cancer

    What’s the truth about HGH and growing cancer cells. Want to jump on the growth train but fears of this as my father had cancer early 40’s I’m 29
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    Will changing brands mid cycle take time to load again?

    Didn’t know how to do a good description sorry changing brands mid cycle (same compounds though) so going from one Sustanon brand to another will it keep blood levels consistent or will the other brand leave the system in 2 weeks and the other brand take 2 weeks to kick in with half life etc.
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    Is my prep coach selling me shit gear?

    Hey all. New here just looking to get some insight. Experience with gear in early 20’s ran multiple compounds. Now 29 with a lot more discipline ive committed to a comp and have got myself a prep coach for offseason and just started 16 week prep today. When the coach flicked me the cycles I...