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    Ultra thistle

    <p></p><p>Five years ago I had the lower lobe of my liver removed. Today my internal medicine doctor told me this is the best most absorbent thistle on the market and if I'm going to be in cycle then he highly recommends I take...
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    Liver support

    <p></p><p>I came across this n would like to share with everybody. I actually had the lower love of my liver removed and when I asked the doc this morning what would be best while on cycle he highly recommended this, other than not...
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    <p>I just wanna introduce myself, I'm new to the forums but a veteran in the game. I really base all my selections and purchases off what a lot of u guys say I highly trust ur word. I'm currently 35yrs old, 5'11", 180lbs, 12% BF. I highly respect u guys n what u guys have to say, I hope my intro...