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    Anyone here using Pharaoh Labs?

    I will start a new bulking cycle after a good TRT of 12 weeks , and i will try this new lab from a very well known source . They made this lab for competitors athletes and i will give it a try Bulking Cycle with Pharaoh: Test E 750mg week Deca 400mg week Anavar 50mg day Lets see how i will...

    Best suplements that works like a drug

    Best suplements that works like a drug Berberine extracted from a plant known to be one of the most powerful supplements on earth . Is primary goal is lower blood sugar improving insulin sensitivity . Today is very well known as being same potency level as metformin doing that without ythe...

    Are you over 40´s and looking to get big or even compete being healthy

    Are you over 40´s and looking to get big or even compete being healthy We all know that over the 40´s is our body don’t handle easy the orals ( giving acid reflux, indigestion), and also injectables like trenbolone . We need to understand our body with age is like a car with more km´s ...

    Best blood preassure medication?

    We all know almost all bodybuilders have blood pressure , hard to see a bodybuilder with 120/80 ( perfect measure ). And most of them need medication to keep under control. From Concor 5 , Telmisartan, Enalapril , witch one you prefer and think is the best for bodybuilder? For my experience...

    Best Liver Detox by Monstro

    Best Liver Detox We all know that oral steroids are very toxic to the liver , mostly Halotestin, Winstrol, Superdrol, M1T, Anadrol and a also Dianabol. Even some injectables are toxic like Trenbolone . That´s why many coaches are against them telling that we only need them last weeks pre...

    Low HGH and IGF levels

    I did my blood test and HGH was 21ng and IGF 183 , i think very low , but my liver is very bad GGT is 930 and all liver values are high . Probably my liver dont absorb and convert any HGH ?

    Covid is not a like a flu

    Stay safe because covid is not a normal flu


    Everything as a start! Natural but alot of hard work and diet because my genetics are not good . Always Believe

    Be a pro bodybuilder?

    What means to you be a pro bodybuilder? Many people have a dream to get pro card and be IFBB Pro. And why? Most of them think when they get pro card they will have sponsors for all ( clothing, supplements , gear, and even food ) . WRONG . You have a lot of pro level athletes without any sponsor...

    John Meadows the man that never give up!

    John Meadows the man that never give up! Today 08 August 2021 we lost one of the best coaches in bodybuilding and I cry like a baby , a IFBB pro athlete but mostly the most humble , kind , friendly man in our industry . John as no genetics and is mother and father die young to , but he never...

    Why even top pros need to do TRT at least once a year?

    Why even top pros need to do TRT at least once a year? To get huge you need not just use a lot of gear , and orals at high dosages that can be very damaging on your liver but also eat a lot of protein that is harsh on kidneys . Orals and even anti estrogen all of them put a lot of pressure on...

    Meditrope hgh blood test levels

    Today i receive my blood test on Meditrope hgh batch 89 and give me 21.80 ug/L and IGF 128 ug/L . is this a goos result? liver enzimes are very high and maybe can give bad hgh and IGF levels and also T3 is low using 100mcg t4 with 10ius @Meditrope 5x week

    Parabolan from Balkan legit?

    I got this parabolan from @ashop . Is it legit?

    Witch brands are the best ?

    Para Pharma Dragon Pharma Valkyrie Spectrum Balkan Mactropin Genotec any other? tell your top 5

    90´s bodybuilders are better than today?

    Bodybuilders in the 90´s vs now This is probably one of the biggest subjects in fitness industry. And most of the people claim that the 90´s bodybuilders are much better than today and that bodybuilding are getting worst over time . Is this the truth? I don’t believe. Like anything in life we...

    From Macho to Gay

    Bodybuilder in gym look MACHO and on stage look´s gay! I love bodybuilding more than 90% of you I can guaranteed . Bodybuilding saves my live, because I born with a physical disease and when I start on gym I got better and since that day I never skip one workout even in my honey moon . When I...

    Do PCT and lose all your gains!

    Why do PCT in bodybuilding ? To lose all your gains. To bring up and down your hormonal levels , To not re3cover completely your natural production. Yes , I ask you how many weeks you do PCT and Cycle during one year? Most of you will do 12 to 16 weeks cycle and 4 to 8 PCT . Do you think you...

    YK11 is the secret to block Myostatin

    Now we can GROW behond our limits ! As this new cars that have velocity limit ( a blocker ) , humans born with a limit in muscle grow called Myostatin , and of course all the fanatic bodybuilders like me looking to be as freak as possible are always trying to find the true solucion to block...

    How to block Myostatin?

    We have in the market many product that claim to block Myostatin , anyone here with experience on same of this products? Follistatin 344 YK11 AC 031 peptide AC 083 peptide

    Monstro Road to Pro Card

    Road to Pro Card Begin: 28-06-2021 Weight: 99.4kg Goal: Grow Cycle: Test E 1250mg week Tren Ace 500mg week Anadrol 100mg day T4 100mncg day t3 12,5mcg day Proviron 50mg day ( maybe 100 ? ) Exemestano 25mcg 3x week Dostinex 0,25mcg 2x week HGH 10ius post workout IGF 200ius pre workout...